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Ideas Portal Drives IT Modernization

Leaning Forward as a Tech Adopter

As our people’s ideas continued to flow, we realized we needed to tap the collective strength of our vendors as well. We established strategic partnerships with key tech partners such as Redhat, MicroPact, MarkLogic, IBM, Nuxeo, Neo4J, Chef, and Amazon.

The Innovation Incubator ecosystem gives our people access to training and helps us develop new, targeted capabilities. A repeatable, scalable process lets us fuel even more ideas and formalize how we innovate and prototype solutions.

With our innovation mindset and passionate for our client’s mission, we’re tackling  IT challenges head on and have fast-tracked the agency’s IT modernization roadmap. The result is an agency that’s now leaning forward as an early technology adopter, ready to drive its vision of a new, digitally connected citizen services agency.

A Meeting of the Minds

The Innovation Incubator is not just a change agent for our clients. We’re channeling our people’s creativity like never before, empowering them with the diversity of their ideas to achieve results. They come to the office early, before starting on client delivery, just to work on Innovation Incubator prototypes.

“There’s a lot of quick thinking and hands-on innovation happening in the incubator,” says Rocky. “And we’re building better solutions for our clients as a result. The fact that there’s so much to learn inspires me. It’s such an amazing meeting of the minds.”

No more building solutions in a bubble: We’re collectively embracing our clients’ real-world challenges as the starting point for innovation. 

Experts in the Field