Data is the New Black Gold

Data is the New Black Gold

The point is to look at the whole customer, then market directly to that persons needs and preferences, instead of mass producing coupons, discounts and other offerings that reach everyone, but speak to no one.

We’re helping our clients morph into data-driven businesses and bringing the first of its kind thinking and leadership in the MENA region.

“It feels great to see how marketing directors have shifted their mindsets and started applying our techniques and leveraging our insights when reaching customers,” says Cyril Semaan, a Booz Allen analytics expert. “Or when a client’s IT team is wowed by next-gen Wi-Fi intelligence and analytics.”

“We’ve got the technology and data analytics expertise to drive growth and change,” Jad says. “We’re now working on helping our clients adopt a data-driven culture within their organization. It’s our model: to capitalize on the power of customer analytics, put innovation, analytics and customer-centricity at the core of the corporate culture.”

What’s your data does your data have to say? We’ve got data scientists all over the globe who can tell you.

Booz Allen employees serving clients in the MENA region, representing at our Booz Allen Excellence awards. They're showing off just two of the values that demonstrate how we're driving data-fueled success in the region—passionate service and collective ingenuity.