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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We Operate Our Business Responsibly

Our Environmental Sustainability Office targets several key areas:

Our Progress

We have been measuring and reporting our greenhouse gas emissions for the past decade.

In those 10 years, we have formalized an organizational structure to systematically address and manage our environmental and broader sustainability performance, while continuously challenging ourselves to push the limits of our operations and expand our impact.

We set goals for our environmental performance and achieved many:

  • Reduced emissions per employee full-time equivalent 15 percent by 2026
  • Reduced emissions per square foot 15 percent by 2026
  • Increased virtualization of data center servers
  • Installed power management software on all devices

Looking ahead, we are exploring aggressive and appropriate new reduction targets to continue to challenge ourselves and ensure continuous improvement in our next decade of sustainability.

Client Work on Global Environmental Solutions

Some of the biggest impacts we have on the world around us are through our client work.

We Make a Difference in Our Communities

The real power of Booz Allen’s sustainability program is in our people’s passionate service.

We're Recognized for Our Commitment

Leading corporate responsibility organizations have consistently recognized our achievements in sustainability.

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Booz Allen's Commitment to Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

Read Booz Allen's sustainability commitment, which we show through the work we do and in the way we work.