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Attracting More Women to STEM Careers

Opening Doors

SG4SG is only part of a larger movement at Booz Allen focused on opening doors for women in STEM.

For the past 2 years, our Women’s Forum has sponsored Girls in Technology, a DC-area not-for-profit. Tech demos, women in leadership, and diversity are the heart of the initiative. “This is an opportunity to get hands-on with the latest and greatest technology in an all-girls environment and is an example of women supporting women,” explains Jenny Oh, Forum co-chair.

It doesn’t stop there.

In February, we sponsored screenings of the Oscar-winning film Hidden Figures at theaters around the country. Employees were empowered to think about diversity, to start conversations around inclusion.

A month-long series of profiles featuring our own brilliant women—from computer programmers and project managers to engineers and web designers—followed, touching on themes of ensuring equality for women and minorities in the workplace, and the challenges women face every day in boardrooms across America.

Booz Allen's Sharon Johnson works as a cybersecurity engineering lead for the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center. Her take: determined is not a synonym for domineering. 

“When a woman is strong-willed and decisive it can sometimes be perceived as bossy or aggressive, and that's not fair,” Sharon says.

At Booz Allen, we have a history of supporting women in the workplace. Every day, we talk about how diversity—of background, experience, and thought—is essential to maintaining the excellence of the work we do. As a leader in the information technology field and a top employer STEM talent, we're committed to increasing the number of women in STEM careers. 

For us, that means focusing on recruiting the best and brightest women in their fields and addressing policies needed to attract and retain talented women. We provide comprehensive career support, from mentoring opportunities to professional development, to help women continue to build their skillsets. 

Our focus on supporting women contributes to innovative ideas and pioneering solutions, and drives better results—not only for our clients, but for the world around us.

And when it comes to making connections, actions speak volumes, too.

Booz Allen's Teneika Askew, who currently focuses on data analytics for the U.S. Navy, perfectly sums up the need for equal representation of women in STEM-related fields.  She cites the necessity of mentorship and fostering a connection. “When you walk through a door, leave it open for the next woman to walk through.”

Experts in the Field