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Achieving Software’s Highest Quality Rating

Rising to the Challenge

While each project was different, the people challenge was the same. There was a steep learning curve—some team members had very little understanding of data analytics. In a short time frame, employees needed to learn to use advanced techniques, and feed collective lessons learned and process improvement recommendations back to support the firm’s efforts to optimize processes.

In addition to the "Jeopardy!"-inspired games, Kevin and his team developed innovative training, tools, and mentoring to help people learn statistical concepts. In our Analytical Techniques Workbook, for example, users could find the most popular and useful data techniques, so they didn’t have to figure it out on their own.

Ultimately, team members had to become so conversant in quantitative management that the tools and techniques would become just another part of doing business.

A Quantum Leap for Our Clients

To achieve the maximum possible client benefit, we set our sights on ML5, the highest industry benchmark for software quality. As a result, we were able to enhance clients’ processes, delivering on specific quality and process improvement objectives to improve the overall quality of work for our clients’ products. We were now using data to look forward and predict, rather than simply reporting our results.

In July 2016, the firm's Systems Delivery Execution organization was appraised at CMMI ML 5, making Booz Allen one of only 11 Fortune 500 companies to achieve this rating.

“It’s a quantum leap for us and our clients,” says Kevin. “It’s powerful to be able to see all the pitfalls in near real time when you tweak a specific process. To be able to predict is powerful.”

Experts in the Field