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Launch and Test Range Systems

Aging Infrastructure

Booz Allen's systems engineering and integration (SE&I) experts created a first-of-its-kind technical baseline to deliver exceptional results.

To gain a clear view of the present day condition of the ranges, the team identified all requirements, interfaces, drawings, risks, systems engineering processes, and deficiencies. The firm’s Mission Engineering approach ensured a methodical, risk-based assessment.

In the process, the team:

  • Created the first searchable, web-based architecture for the range to replace outdated paper products
  • Traced, linked, and repaired over 5,000 requirements for range systems and subsystems
  • Built an interactive library with over 250,000 drawings, documents, and procedures for future range acquisitions
  • Standardized performance data collection, reporting, and monitoring across 230 range subsystems (and more than 1,000,000 parts)
  • Developed integrated tools and processes that ensure funding decisions are data- and stakeholder-driven

The results were dramatic. Booz Allen delivered original insights for improved mission operations and prioritized spending. Our teams supplied the client with new tools to easily optimize and visualize how different investments and range upgrades will improve mission performance, and a plan to avoid technology obsolescence. As significantly, the effort generated tens of millions of dollars in annual cost savings while improving security, risk assessment, and third-party validation.