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Distributed Common Ground System

Distributed Common Ground System

With mounting pressure to offer cheaper, smarter, and more efficient government services, federal agencies are seeing the benefits of forging these new connections. Booz Allen’s technology solutions are helping government employees improve their operational efficiency and how they deliver on their agency’s promise. With the capability to build increasingly integrated back-end infrastructure and develop crisp front-end experiences, Booz Allen’s Digital initiative is improving the way our federal clients achieve their missions.

The future will bring even greater connectivity. With hardware like Google Glass, but ruggedized for the battlefield, we might soon stream to-the-minute data about a warfighter’s environment right into their field of vision.

The applications aren’t limited to national defense. For instance, what if tomorrow you use a mobile government application to book a pavilion on federal lands? In the increasingly connected world of tomorrow, this multi-platform tool would set up your reservation and add it to your calendar much like commercial apps already do. The enhancement, however, is that this citizen experience would also connect you to a network of relevant government databanks.

Integrated infrastructure would link your reservation to weather forecasts, current traffic patterns, activity recommendations, and intelligent itinerary changes and alternatives, all in the palm of your hand.

In tomorrow’s world, federal resources aren’t only convenient; they’re timely, accessible, and useful. Today, Booz Allen’s enterprise, integrated digital platforms are helping to raise expectations—and meet them.