Aware and Prepared

Targeted Daily Intelligence. Computer desktop showing targeted Daily Intelligence reports.

Booz Allen’s blended data mining, real-time monitoring, and forecasting capability has yielded significant revelations. With early warning last year about potentially violent protests near its facilities at a major sports event, the client was able to quickly adjust plans and alert staff to security risks and travel impacts.

Looking ahead to sponsored events in other regions, the client has already begun to use in-depth awareness of geopolitical risks and opportunities to develop marketing and security plans. Booz Allen’s solutions also warned of cybersecurity threats, allowing pre-emptive moves on the part of the client to enhance security and withstand potentially crippling attacks.

Today, this capability has become a fundamental asset. As the Booz Allen team’s understanding of the client’s challenges grew, its data-gathering methodologies helped the company create a corporate strategic framework to prioritize reputation investments and specific solutions for different company functions such as government affairs and policy, sustainability, and investor relations. Booz Allen helped each functional team with a customized approach and then helped everyone address the overarching strategy to plan for potential future issues.