“Practice being confident in your views, thoughts, and opinions.”

What were the critical experiences that propelled you forward in your career?

A year after I took the role of managing the Assessment Center, I was approached to manage the Training Coordination team. I accepted the challenge and it opened doors to more experiences, broadened my skill set, helpe​d me expand my network, and allowed me to understand the world of talent outside of customer service and performance management. I took a team that felt that their work was transactional and led them to be more strategic. In collaboration with the Learning and Development (L&D) team, Information Services, and other internal-facing colleagues, we designed and implemented the Career Central Learn platform for the firm, which was a great shift in our L&D technology.

Is there any advice that you would offer to those looking to grow their career at the firm?

I'm shy and introverted by nature and that was something I had to work to overcome early in my career. One of my mentors encouraged me to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable; to share my opinions, thoughts, and ideas; and to volunteer to participate in and lead projects. So I would suggest practicing being confident in your views, thoughts, and opinions. The greatest thing to do is to collaborate across a team, and come to a solution and finished product together. I think that's only possible if everyone becomes comfortable sharing their ideas and contributing to the greater good to formulate a shared solution.​

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