“Maximize the learning experiences you encounter on every project.”

Is there a project you’ve worked on that has made the biggest impact to your career?

One project that stands out to me was structuring and enabling digital payments for a regional central bank entity. We worked closely with our client and aligned with various stakeholders within the ecosystem to develop a high-level digital payments blueprint, as well as the overarching regulatory framework. This project allowed the team to focus on the bigger picture, as it was a large-scale project, pushing us to frequently take a step back to think about the different dimensions that needed to be factored into any strategy we were proposing. The project really stretched me and allowed me to grow my skills in many different areas. It really became the basis for a lot of my other work in the region.

Is there any advice that you would offer someone looking to grow within the firm?

One piece of advice I received and that I've found to be true is to always make sure you maximize the learning experiences you encounter on every project—whether that's related to the topic, the project structure, or the brainstorming sessions. Try to work closely with your senior leaders and learn from their experiences, as this will allow you to get clarity on the type of manager you will aspire to be one day. Last, but not least, treat everything with curiosity, and never be scared to ask questions. ​

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