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Helping the Navy Detect and Destroy Sea Mines

The Solution

Booz Allen developed models of the curved pod section based on the scans they took of the ALMDS system, and worked closely with the client to ensure all operational and safety requirements were considered. They then created a design for a calorimeter housing fixture that would hold the calorimeter in the same fixed position each time the ALMDS system was tested, ensuring that the data could be reliably compared.

The Panama City engineers collaborated with their counterparts in Booz Allen’s Huntsville office to fabricate the curved housing components. These printed parts were combined with components machined in Panama City to provide a fully functional, cost efficient solution that showcased Booz Allen’s ingenuity and commitment to solving our clients’ challenges—large and small. Throughout this process Booz Allen developed three iterations, along with associated prototypes, to get to a final delivered design in just 3 weeks of work time.

The ALMDS system reached initial operating capability in 2016 and is currently being delivered to additional users throughout the Navy. 

The Future

Booz Allen continues to be committed to providing solutions to the U.S. Navy and other ongoing work in Panama City. They provide value-added support including program management and logistics, and engineering, system integration, and procurement and software management support on a wide range of programs. 

Expert in the Field