Challenges Facing C4ISR Integration for the Military

Warfighters and the organizations that support them need "Integrated C4ISR," in which the individual pieces are designed as part of an enterprise system from the start. Integrated C4ISR is distinguished by five major features:

  • Government-owned, open architectures and standardized interfaces.
  • Agile, incremental delivery of modular systems with integrated capabilities.
  • Collective forums that bring together operators, acquisition professionals, and engineers to support agile development of solutions that are tailored to operational and technical requirements.
  • Designed-in cybersecurity to infuse solutions with organic, unified, and multilayered defense.
  • Enterprise-oriented culture.

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C4ISR Survey Summary Report

Learn about the military's challenges with C4ISR Enterprise Integration, from a joint report by Booz Allen Hamilton and Market Connections, Inc.