Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen’s Innovation Story

Booz Allen is an innovation leader, propelled by the imperative to reimagine solutions to our clients’ large-scale and complex challenges. We are a big company with bigger ideas, and for more than 100 years, we have been essential partners to some of the biggest organizations in the world. And yet, our innovation philosophy hinges on four small beliefs. Innovation is necessary for sustainable growth. Building new value is about more than just building new things. New ideas are born from experience. And the brightest future belongs to those organizations who adapt and change.

Innovation is necessary

Innovation drives sustainable value—the sum of matching an original problem with a creative solution. That’s why Booz Allen has grown communities around an internal ecosystem of cultural spaces, events, and tools that are enhanced and inspired by our participation in the broader innovation community. We inspire our people to draw from the common connections between their knowledge, relationships, and experiences to achieve a steady flow of new ideas on a continual, recursive basis. We do this because it’s not where the ideas come from that matters, but the cultural process by which you assemble and develop them into market-applied innovations. Longevity, relevance, and competitive advantage demands innovation. While some call it “purpose,” we call it necessity.

We build new value

We believe in building new value—not just new things. We create dynamic systems to predict and detect threats, we engineer custom prototypes to solve pressing mission problems, we harness data to discover value that others can’t spot, and we even build integrated digital enterprises that connect you to the right information, right when you need it. Yet, as their missions evolved and grew more complex, we evolved with them, and now are augmenting our traditional consulting with packaged products and managed services, with licenses and small-scale manufacturing. So yes, it’s true we build things, develop products and manufacture solutions, but we never set out to simply build new things; we set out to build new value.

A century of proven innovation

Our creativity is founded on a rich heritage of original thinking. We prepared the U.S. Naval fleet for World War II. We helped NASA design the Hubble Telescope. We even restructured the NFL. Today, we’re continuing that story as we revolutionize counter-narcotics terrorism, train warfighters to think like MacGyver, and prescribe analytics that transform human drug discovery. What will we do next? Let’s innovate together.

Committed to shaping our collective future

At Booz Allen we challenge convention, we take sensible risks, and we fail forward. In doing so, we change the way that we and our clients think about business to move missions forward. Those who we viewed as competitors in our last century have become our partners in this one. Through focused collaboration, idea sharing, and joint investments, we’ve created a method for big organizations like ours to create a sustainable innovation pipeline. That’s how we’re keeping our clients a step ahead of the challenges that they’ll face tomorrow. We’re all in this together.

Booz Allen’s Innovation Agenda

We blend services and capabilities into a series of challenge-based initiatives to spark transformative products and solutions that address your biggest problems. Our distinct, yet integrated initiatives represent our investment in three dynamic market problems.


Booz Allen provides a holistic, customer-centric approach to assembling integrated digital enterprise solutions. We connect our clients to large, intertwined networks of information, people, and ideas through elegant user experiences. We build integrated digital platforms that give our clients access to the right information, right when they need it.

Visit our Digital initiative page to learn more.

NextGen Analytics and Data Science

Booz Allen brings its pioneering work in advanced analytics—and the industry-leading expertise of its more than 500-member data science team—to transform our clients’ data into actions that keep them competitive in today’s data-driven economy.

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Predictive Intelligence

Booz Allen’s suite of predictive intelligence services anticipates and prevents threats before they happen. Our systems predict and mitigate risks, so that clients can run their businesses knowing that they’re protected.

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Innovation Services

Booz Allen brings innovation expertise to clients across domains on a broad spectrum of innovation needs - from understanding what innovation might mean for their organization to actualizing fully developed solutions. Our holistic, systems approach centers on building new value through developing innovation strategies, creating cultures of innovation, sourcing custom solutions through crowdsourcing, and implementing solutions in nuanced client environments.

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