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Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint

Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint

Why Booz Allen MDR

Managed Endpoint Protection

Earliest Prevention and Accelerated Detection

Reduce security incidents and impact. Using pre-exploit prevention, machine-learning based malware protection, and adversary technique detection, Booz Allen prevents and detects at the earliest stages of the attack lifecycle.

Precision Response

Rapidly triage and isolate malicious activity before business disruption occurs. Booz Allen’s surgical response capabilities provide immediate containment, detailed notifications, and recommendations.

Morphing Defenses

Implement adaptive defenses. Booz Allen delivers visibility and flexibility to dynamically adjust defenses and detection capabilities based on adversary patterns and the dynamic threat environment.

Threat Hunting Service

Proactive Detection

Move beyond Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Booz Allen analysts hunt for known and unknown threats across all layers of the operating system and device memory, while remaining invisible to the adversary, reducing dwell times from days to seconds.

Scalable and Efficient

Shift threat hunting from an occasional activity to a continuous, scalable, and efficient process across all endpoints, without adversely impacting business users or the network.

Validated Notifications and Recommendations

Reduce noise by receiving validated threat notifications, based on a deep understanding of your environment and your adversaries, accompanied by a set of specific policy or architecture recommendations.

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Threat Services

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“Booz Allen's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services have been an excellent addition to our global security team! Booz Allen was able to quickly and easily deploy their technology and services to our global locations. Their threat hunting technology has proved to be of great value in our layers of defenses, but even more importantly, their partnership has exceeded our expectations. Through the MDR service, Booz Allen has truly become an extension of our team, and is excited to share information and skills with my internal resources.”

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