Financial Crimes & Anti-Money Laundering

Financial Crimes & Anti-Money Laundering

Advanced AML Technology

riskCanvas™ is the most technically advanced AML technology.  Leveraging Big Data, Machine Learning, advanced data science, and the best of contemporary technologies, riskCanvas™ provides an elegant and robust solution for:

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  • Over 100 “out of the box” transaction monitoring scenarios
  • Big-Data driven execution of scenarios
  • Post-processing of alerts for triaging and prioritization of alerts
  • Advanced Machine Learning based models (supervised and unsupervised) 
AML Case Management
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  • Transaction Monitoring Alerts and Cases
  • High Risk Customer Onboarding and Periodic Reviews
  • Other miscellaneous investigations
KYC and Risk Scoring
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  • Integration with Booz Allen’s e3 data enrichment service for automated collection of all CDD/EDD data from hundreds of sources
  • riskDNA™ is Booz Allen’s customizable AML risk scoring model which uses dozens of risk markers to generate a risk score and risk categorization for customers.
  • Scoring based on structured and unstructured risk markers

Consulting Services

Booz Allen has a legacy of providing valuable consulting services for financial institutions for over 100 years.  Our financial crimes team has designed niche consulting services for AML/BSA programs including:

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