Using Predictive Analytics to Live Better Lives

The Solution

The result of the partnership is a personal life coach in your pocket. Users learn actionable strategies to improve their well-being, from better diet and exercise to controlling migraines and stress, improving relationships, and having more energy and willpower. And for organizations whose members use the app, JOOL provides daily, dynamic aggregated information about their company’s trends in energy, willpower, health behaviors, and life goals alignment.

“We needed to make sure the messages people receive help them take action,” says Booz Allen’s Eric Druker. “The mathematically correct answer and the answer that is the most compelling are not the same. This was a difficult challenge.”

For individuals, JOOL

  • Builds energy and willpower, and fosters a greater sense of purpose
  • Improves sleep, presence, activity, creativity, and eating behaviors
  • Enhances self-care, decision-making, and resilience

For organizations, JOOL

  • Provides a modern, highly scalable, cost effective solution for population health management
  • Impacts engagement, performance and health outcomes
  • Provides unique business intelligence that facilitates optimized program investment decisions

The Future

After 18 months of extensive research, development and validation, JOOL Health commercially launched its Precision Well-being™ solution in summer 2016. Since then, JOOL’s platform has demonstrated positive outcomes for a growing number of leading employers, health systems and health plans.

The vision is to continually develop more sophisticated algorithms while fueling the analytics engine with additional predictive data sets to further enhance individual and organizational performance and well-being.

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Experts in the Field