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Safety Analytics

Safety Analytics

Taking action to improve your safety posture requires that you first understand the challenges. Booz Allen Hamilton’s data integration and analytic capabilities help clients identify opportunities to make safety improvements and deliver incident prevention indicators that reduce risk by increasing understanding of what combinations of events are more likely to lead to severe safety incidents.

We are experts in transitioning traditional archives of structured and unstructured data into predictive analytic models using state-of-the-art techniques, such as machine learning, regression analysis, Bayesian methods, and neural networks.

We have deep experience in building high fidelity predictive models of high-risk, low-probability events. Our goal is to generate real knowledge so clients can make specific changes and ultimately reduce the likelihood of these catastrophic safety incidents. 

Our solution encompasses three critical parts:

  1. Which factors contribute elevated risk to severe safety incidents? For example, are there specific employee activities or specific types of equipment failure?
  2. Why are these factors high-risk? Are procedures incomplete? Are employees following them? Is the equipment maintenance program adequate?
  3. What can companies do about it? We recommend a solution path to address and reverse the underlying issue.

By addressing these areas, we help clients thrive in an increasingly competitive and demanding market environment—all while maintaining the safety of their business and of their local areas.

Solutions in Action

Booz Allen partnered with an international Oil & Gas company to conduct an integrated safety analytics review, leveraging the Cognition Platform. The client had several safety-related data sets requiring integration and analysis to identify multivariate insights into factors leading to severe safety events. They sought recommendations for specific, actionable ways to improve their current safety posture with a measurable decline in incidents.

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Safety Analytics
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