Your Essential Partner


On the journey from trusted partner to essential partner, we’ve changed just one word that changes everything for our clients.

The sun rises.  It’s the dawn of not just a new day, but of a new century in our partnerships with clients.   Cybersecurity protections are now more thorough and powerful; lethal IEDs may have met their technological match; disease is being fought faster; the fingerprints of criminals tell a story in an instant. These are our clients’ stories—and ours, too.

Booz Allen has been listening to our clients for more than 100 years, standing alongside them to solve their toughest challenges. And it is through these opportunities, as well as the quality of our character, and the strength of our people, that we continue to redefine the art of the possible.

Beyond Insight

Revolution of Evolution

We invented the consulting business and have delivered solutions that built lasting relationships.  Now, in our second century, we are reinventing it.

We stand at the intersection of true management consulting and technology integration—a dynamic fusion of strategic consulting and expertise including predictive intelligence, emerging technology, and advanced engineering that is transforming new ideas into game-changing capabilities that cut across old definitions and silos to deliver the next generation of enduring and essential value for government and commercial clients.

Being our clients’ essential partner—standing at their side and helping to solve their toughest challenges—is much greater than a vision of the future. It is our daily promise to continue to scale and diversify our services offerings and new products in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. And in doing so, we will continue to find new and relevant ways to advance technology and protect and shape our nation’s future.  Here are the stories of that journey:

1914: One Person. 2015: Over 22,000 people.

Predictive Intelligence

Securing the Edge

On 9/11 the world changed forever. Big data, already huge, became colossal. Cloud technology, web applications, and mobile devices that represented the future became potential liabilities. And the costs for failing to connect the dots became obvious to all. In the years since, truly actionable intelligence—and the ability to benefit from it—has never been more critical.

As our government and businesses looked for answers, the digital landscape became clear. Real security was not found in a database or an application, but in a state of readiness that spanned the whole of the enterprise from the boardrooms of large banks and energy companies to frontlines of battlefield. The solution was dynamic: Create an intelligence driven, multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity that fuses cyber technology with policy, operations, people and management to keep our clients ahead of emerging threats.

Booz Allen Predictive Intelligence and CYBER SOLUTIONS NETWORK™ capabilities were created to harness the power of advanced cyber analytics, computer network defense, mobile forensics, intelligence and cyber training to help clients proactively prevent, identify, and respond to rogue cyber agents with a comprehensive cyber defense. This is the essential network we bring to clients to protect their own most vital networks.

  • Vampire, Booz Allen’s tactical forensic device in action provides on-site, real-time latent collection and ID.

  • Forensics teams use Vampire to test in the field for key pieces of evidence.

  • A forensics team member uses Vampire to test a cell phone for pieces of evidence at a crime scene.

On-Site And On-Target

True Mission Impact

The police arrive on the scene of a major crime. The forensics team has yet to arrive. So many questions and no real answers. Time is ticking and the suspect is getting away. But ask yourself, “What if a law enforcement operator could simply use their mobile phone to accurately identify and match the fingerprints in real-time?” Well we did. And then we got to the task of making it happen. 

Enter VAMPIRE™ mobile tactical forensic device. It is transforming forensic evidence collection and analysis. What once took forensic experts and expensive labs now takes just minutes in the field—saving valuable time and decreasing costs.


  • A research scientist examines infectious disease specimens.

  • A research scientist analyzes clinical or infectious disease samples with high throughput next generation sequencing technology to combat infectious diseases.

  • A research scientist performing bioinformatics analysis of next generation sequencing from clinical and infectious disease data.

  • Booz Allen provides the intellectual capital and researchers to solve the larger questions relating to public health.

  • Research scientists and doctors discuss various solutions to public health challenges.

Advanced Engineering

Protecting Public Health

In an instant. In the simplest human interaction. That’s how certain diseases spread. When the H1N1 influenza strain touched more than 61 million Americans, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needed to quickly address the emerging public health threat. FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), which is responsible for approving life-saving vaccines, swiftly stepped up to review the safety, purity, potency, and effectiveness of the H1N1 vaccine so it could be distributed quickly to prevent further infections.

And we stood with them.  Booz Allen has partnered with CBER for more than 17 years in developing an IT infrastructure that directly supports CBER’s core mission and the biologic review process. We worked with CBER to enable electronic submissions from industry which, ultimately reduced application review times from over 30 months to just 10 months.

Booz Allen’s long-term alliance with CBER to protect public health in the fight against viruses, infectious diseases and bioterrorism is just one example of premier opportunities for our firm to address complex challenges at significant scale. As new opportunities to serve arise each day, as these challenges grow bigger, and as the stakes get higher, Booz Allen stands at the intersection of predictive intelligence, emerging technologies, and advanced engineering, making it possible for us to be at your side, solving your toughest problems—as your essential partner. Today, and for the next hundred years.