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“In all walks of life, our most trusted colleagues and friends have this in common: We can count on them. No matter what the situation or challenge, they will be there for us. Booz Allen Hamilton is trusted in that way. You can count on us.”
- Dr. Ralph W. Shrader
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President


Welcome to the Booz Allen company blog. Here you will find ongoing updates to news and information intended to help you learn more about Booz Allen’s business and involvement in the community. Blog authors will vary to provide the best input on the subject at hand. If you would like to receive blog post alerts via email or RSS you can register here.

Posted by Chip Whiting  on June 23, 2014

I can still see him, wiggling around in his chair, and the excitement that exuded from him as he waited for his turn. You would have thought he was about to be given an award of some kind, but no. The little boy I’m remembering attends Rock Lake Elementary, a Title I school located in Orlando, Florida. His excitement was for the Scholastic book he was about to receive, through a book fair sponsored by Booz Allen. After he received his book, he returned to his desk, and animatedly showed it to all his friends, who had also received books. A picture from that day, of that excited little boy and me, holds a special place on my desk.

Whether it’s partnering with a local school like Rock Lake, or collecting toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program, the Orlando office gets involved. Don’t let our small size fool you. We’re only 30 people, but we believe in getting involved and impacting our communities. Our latest effort is Operation Fill-A-Lunchbox to support firm nonprofit partner Operation Homefront. Food assistance, which has tripled since 2008, is the organization’s number two request, just behind financial support. The office is in good company with 16 other Booz Allen locations also participating in the drive. Our goal in supporting this program is to provide food to children from military families at a time when assistance may not be readily available.

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Posted by John Peterson  on June 13, 2014

Each of us likely has a passion for a particular nonprofit or cause. For me, it is the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), an organization changing lives and building futures for our nation’s injured heroes.

I’ve had the privilege to co-chair the PVA Americana Gala which raises funds to assist veterans in finding employment and applying for benefits. But the most memorable of my experiences supporting PVA is the time my family and I have spent volunteering at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games (NVWG), a sports and rehabilitative program for military service veterans who use wheelchairs for sports competition due to spinal cord injuries.

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Posted by Shani Arbel  on June 11, 2014

Shani Arbel

Have you ever been talked into something that changed your life for the better? I have! In 2011 I casually agreed to a colleague’s prompting to join a Firm-sponsored bike ride. The next thing I knew, I owned a bike and began training - only 3 weeks prior - for the 110 mile World T.E.A.M. Sports’ Face of America Ride, an event honoring America’s disabled veterans and the American Spirit.

Fast forward to today: The Face of America Ride is a big part of my life. Each year my friends and family anticipate receiving my fundraising email asking for their support. 2014 marks the 4th time I’ve participated, and colleagues on my team have come to expect that I’ll ask them to train with me for the ride each year. But when I look back to the difficulty of my first ride, I find it astounding that I even returned as a participant. The first year I completed the Face of America Ride it rained incessantly. It was chilly, but the rain made the day feel freezing. My meager three weeks’ worth of training meant that the 110-mile ride was a significant physical challenge. But despite all this, the experience of the ride was so amazing that I did not hesitate to sign up again – and again. And, luckily, all the years that have followed have included sunny skies!

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Posted by Marie Lerch  on June 10, 2014

Marie Lerch
Vice President

Last month I had the privilege to spend time at the USS Midway Museum, the longest-serving Navy aircraft carrier of the 20th century, now a Naval aviation museum in San Diego, CA. Along with Vice Chairman Mike McConnell, I traveled west to experience Legacy Week at Midway, a series of events held over Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of American military heroes and in celebration of our nation’s military heritage. This year, Booz Allen was the presenting sponsor of Legacy Week as part of a year-long partnership between the firm and Midway in honor of Booz Allen’s 100th anniversary and the USS Midway Museum’s 10th anniversary.

In his opening remarks at the museum’s May 24 Veterans Wreath Ceremony, Midway President & CEO Mac McLaughlin noted a confluence of anniversaries: Booz Allen Hamilton’s 100th, Midway’s 10th, and the upcoming 70th anniversary of the D-day landings in Normandy.  Mac’s remarks got me thinking about the many ties - personal and professional, old and new - that link our firm with the U.S. Navy. 

Booz Allen’s first assignment for the Navy dates to 1940 when our founding partner Edwin Booz helped then-Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox prepare for World War II. The Navy has been the firm’s client ever since. But our connection to the Navy goes beyond office walls. Eleven years ago San Diego-based Principal Tim LaFleur, now a retired USN Vice Admiral, was Commander of Naval Surface Forces in San Diego. In this capacity LaFleur worked with Navy leadership and the city of San Diego to help create the Midway museum.

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