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“In all walks of life, our most trusted colleagues and friends have this in common: We can count on them. No matter what the situation or challenge, they will be there for us. Booz Allen Hamilton is trusted in that way. You can count on us.”
- Dr. Ralph W. Shrader
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President


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Posted by Paul Ingholt  on September 19, 2014

Paul Ingholt

Paul Ingholt

I suppose you could call me an “eclectic” volunteer.  When presented with a host of charitable opportunities organized by Booz Allen volunteers, I feel compelled to check my schedule and match up whatever I can fit in. This gives me a chance to give back to many different causes important to our communities, Booz Allen staff, and myself. I’ve gotten a chance to participate in the Face of America Ride, International Coastal Cleanup, blood drives, and so much more.

The absolute greatest thing is—and I’m proud to say this—I’m not unique at Booz Allen. Recently during a meeting of leaders at the firm, the topic turned to community involvement. Everyone was involved in something. That’s a personal commitment that comes from within and it’s good for the soul, but it’s also evidence of Booz Allen’s culture—our staff care, and as a firm, we care, too.

There’s another great event I’m proud to be supporting—the September 20 Dulles Day Plane Pull benefitting Special Olympics Virginia. 

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Posted by Cindie Baker  on September 17, 2014


Cindie Baker is an Emergency Medical Responder and Type 2 Wildland Firefighter

I live in a small community near Boulder, Colorado. I moved here 11 years ago for the nature, the outdoor lifestyle, and the quiet after living in New York City for 12 years, and specifically being there for the terrible events of 9/11.

I love the beauty and enjoying the outdoors, but it’s not always so calm. I joined the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District 9 years ago—as a means to get out of the house (as a full-time teleworker, this is a must!) and from a desire to give back to my community. At first I was part of the citizens’ corps, leading other volunteers and helping with traffic control and evacuations, so that the first responders could focus on their work. Several years ago, I became a first responder myself by completing the department’s 50+ hour Rookie Academy and attaining national certifications as a Type 2 Wildland Firefighter and an Emergency Medical Responder.

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Posted by Marko Bourne  on September 16, 2014

“Resiliency” has become the buzzword of the day, but what does it really signify? I took a hard look at this topic recently for DomPrep, an outlet for first responders and others whose work centers on preparedness and response.

It’s a fitting topic for September, which happens to be National Preparedness Month. There’s no shortage of conversations around the importance of resiliency and how to foster it, especially in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, but precious little consensus about what it means in practice.

That’s partly because the term “resiliency” functions as a bit of a grab bag. It’s invoked to mean the ability to rebuild and recover from a disaster, the ability to mitigate against risk and hazard, the ability to restore economic development and growth – and sometimes all of those factors combined.

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Posted by Bill Faucette  on September 12, 2014


Bill Faucette

Maybe I’m dating myself a bit, but anyone remember the television show Emergency!? (Yes, the exclamation is really part of the title.) I loved that show as a kid and thus began my fascination with emergency services. There’s an excitement and a rush to putting down a fire or saving a life that never grows old, despite how many years you’ve been doing it—which in my case is nearly 33 years now as a volunteer Firefighter, EMT, and Rescue Technician.

Of course, as I grew up and matured, the glamour and excitement of the TV show gave way to the genuine emotions of life—helping my community and serving those in need. That’s the real reason I’m still volunteering today. During the course of my 33 years, I served in three different fire departments (Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad (Prince Georges County), Walkersville Volunteer Rescue Company (Frederick County), and the Frederick County Advanced Technical Rescue Team)—traversing the career path in Laurel from firefighter to sergeant to lieutenant to captain, and finally to assistant chief before becoming a Life Member and reducing my participation.

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