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- Dr. Ralph W. Shrader
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Posted by Ben Marglin  on November 21, 2014


Ben Marglin


GSA recently announced a $64.5 million contract award for Booz Allen to build a Common Services Platform as part of GSA’s Integrated Award Environment.   Booz Allen will leverage the latest technologies and best practices in cloud computing and open source to deploy and host an IAE Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. Booz Allen will partner with leading providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Red Hat and Docker.  The core of Booz Allen’s proposed solution is based on the firm’s open cloud service broker platform, known as Project Jellyfish.  This platform, plus a suite of common service technologies, will provide a fully automated, self-service PaaS environment allowing GSA and other vendors to build business applications. Booz Allen is excited to support GSA as they work towards a more transparent, open, and innovative transformation of Federal acquisition. 

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Posted by Julie McPherson  on November 21, 2014

“Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone.”

That was the first slice of guiding wisdom doled out to this year’s Combustion Chamber finalists. Short, sweet, and to the point—like any great pitch.

And pitch they did. Six finalist teams entered the Combustion Chamber on a cool October 27th evening to present their market-ready ideas to a judge panel of five firm partners. Four teams secured investment funding, yet each exited with invaluable entrepreneurial experience—and a special sense of connection.

A total of $120,000 was awarded to four winning finalist teams at the end of the event—a record for the Combustion Chamber, and a powerful reinforcement of Booz Allen’s commitment to entrepreneurship and investing in great ideas that push the firm forward.

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Posted by Steve Senterfit  on November 14, 2014

At its core, the oil industry has a very simple mission: finding and producing oil, driving value, and ultimately replacing the reserves to ensure there is more oil to come. It once was relatively easy work with plentiful options, but in recent decades it’s become increasingly complex: Oil is harder to find; it’s deeper in the earth, it’s located in more hostile environments without easy access to modern technology. Those circumstances are driving entirely new business models in the industry, involving more joint ventures, reliance on new, more complex technology and tactics, and involvement with a broader range of third parties. This major global transformation requires organizations to be able to predict, identify, and manage myriad changes nearly simultaneously to thrive.

In my conversations with clients and heard at industry events -- such as the 9th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference & Expo where our Senior Executive Advisor Mike McConnell is giving the keynote and the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference where this year Vice President Terry Thompson is speaking about technology security challenges – there is a sense that energy companies have the fundamentals, such as technology development, cyber, IT, risk, and investment and regulation under control. But leaders tell me that what concerns them are the implications and risks related to each of these components of the business that are not being raised to the board level for a more holistic view of risk management. Here’s an example: a company may have a robust protection from Phishing attacks, but if one is successful and results in the loss of private personal or client information, that could be a crushing blow to customer relationships, and trigger regulatory issues and other impacts. 

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Posted by Mike Delurey  on November 13, 2014

Working at Booz Allen has shown me that even with limited resources, brilliant minds can yield powerful results. That’s why, earlier this year, our Cloud Analytics and Data Science Functional Community challenged staff to come up with a bright idea in just 10 weeks, with each winning team getting up to $10k to build it. The goal was to prove original, practical, market-ready thinking doesn’t have to cost a lot of money—or take a lot of time.

Twenty-seven teams answered the call. The entries addressed software vulnerabilities, clustering, advanced analytics, and data integration with potential applications ranging from aerospace to public policy. Entries came in the form of white papers, proofs of concept, and fully developed demos. 

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