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Booz Allen Hamilton Launches Cyber Solutions Network

January 17, 2012

Links Firm’s Cyber Capabilities, Addresses Need for Comprehensive Cyber Defense

McLean, VA – Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH) today launched the Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network™ capabilities, delivered through a constellation of cyber centers, labs, and stations that bring extensive services, technologies, and the vital expertise of the highest-trained cyber experts to the firm’s government and commercial clients – no matter where they’re located.

Cyber readiness requires government and industry to adopt a dynamic defense approach to respond quickly and effectively to protect information, secure critical infrastructures and enable efficiencies in cyberspace. The task requires a wide variety of technology and human skills that must be instantly deployable to any client location.

The Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network addresses these needs by virtually connecting clients more effectively with thousands of cyber experts, technologies, and solutions through one unique network. This network of centers enables innovation and provides Advanced Cyber Analytics, Computer Network Defense, Cyber Product Testing and Evaluation, and Advanced Cyber Training delivered through a virtually linked constellation of centers, labs, and stations.

“In today’s world of sophisticated and complex cyber threats, it takes a network to protect a network,” said Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer Joe Mahaffee. “The Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network will provide deeper and broader cyber capabilities and services to our clients on their terms – when they need it and where they need it.”

The initial network constellation includes nine centers, each with a specific focus, including four in Maryland, four in northern Virginia and one in New Jersey, with further U.S. and foreign expansion expected. A center located in Maryland near Fort Meade, the National Security Agency, the new U.S. Cyber Command and the Defense Cyber Crime Center will focus on advanced cyber, forensics, malware and software analytics.

The Red Bank, New Jersey center will focus on e-discovery, mobile response, cyber threat monitoring, modeling and simulation. The Cyber Security Operations Center in northern Virginia serves as the primary location for security operations for Booz Allen’s networks and systems that can be leveraged to serve client needs. Its services include 24/7 emergency response, mobile forensics, advanced cyber analytics, forensics and intelligence, and network monitoring.

The network will also host three major centers for cyber training, an essential component as government and commercial clients work to build their own advanced cyber skills and attract and retain talented staff. The Booz Allen Cyber Security Network creates the ability of simultaneously connecting multiple cyber centers together to provide intensive technology-based training for up to 150 people at one time with a single instructor.

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