Booz Allen Hamilton

50 High-Impact Speeches and Remarks

March 08, 2004

The book 50 High-Impact Speeches and Remarks by John Kador features a speech delivered by retired Booz Allen Hamilton Chairman & CEO Bill Stasior at a firm-sponsored diversity awards ceremony on September 17, 1998. Stasior encouraged employees to embrace diversity by doing the right thing: "This is really our challenge as I see it: To go beyond our good intentions and to make good things happen."

In addition to Stasior's "Embrace Diversity: Do the Right Thing" speech, Kador's book features remarks and speeches by Chrysler's Lee Iacocca, General Electric's Jack Welch, Coca-Cola's Douglas Daft, and many others that articulate vision and values, announce major organizational changes, and manage crises.

story posted March 8, 2004