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Michael Farber on Government Reform and IT

Reform in government is no longer defined by episodic change, but by the continuous evolution of technologies, policies, procedures and strategic thinking.  Listen to Michael Farber discuss reform and government and IT on Fedscoop Radio.

Ezmeralda Khalil on Leveraging Data to Enable Reform

 Today’s reform leaders approach reform not as a one-time fix, but as a standard part of their organization’s day-to-day mission.  With the increasing need for continual reform, data is playing a key role in the day-to-day operations of government and private sector enterprises. Ezmeralda Khalil, a principal in the Strategic Innovation Group at Booz Allen Hamilton, shares her thoughts on the reform movement. 
FedScoop Radio

Electronic Patient Files Revolutionize Healthcare

Kristine Martin Anderson discusses how electronic health records (EHRs) have dramatically improved patient care
Albuquerque Journal

Easing the Burden of Password Management

Todd Inskeep comments on how web-based password management services can help users keep track of multiple passwords

Batter Up: The Model Shows a Fastball Is Coming

Ray Hensberger, a data scientist with the firm's Strategic Innovation Group (SIG), explains the group's work exploring data science's connection to sports.
All Analytics

Angela Zutavern on Innovation and Government Reform

Angela Zutavern, a vice president in the Strategic Innovation Group at Booz Allen Hamilton, discusses reform in government and the critical role innovation has in the reform life cycle.
FedScoop TV

Karen Dahut on Innovation and Government Reform

Karen Dahut, executive vice president, discusses the role of innovation in the federal sector and why it is key to overall government reform.
FedScoop TV

Ex-NSA Chief Adds Details on the ‘Most Damaging’ Intelligence Theft in U.S. History

Mike McConnell comments on Edward Snowden's infiltration of classified files.
The Wall Street Journal

The Trust And Opportunity Of Cryptocurrencies

Scott Dueweke discusses the future of cryptocurrencies
Fintech Insight 2014

Contractors Say Budget Cuts, Shutdown Took Toll on Sales

As government spending declines, contracting firms report lower revenue.
Washington Post
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