Booz Allen Hamilton

Cheering on Our Nation's Warriors

June 22, 2015

By Andrea Inserra

Adaptive sports play a key role in the mental and physical recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration of active duty service-members and veterans. And Booz Allen has a long history of supporting these initiatives in both our client work and in our community outreach. Last year, the firm hosted a public event entitled, “What’s the Next Play?” that outlined the many ways that adaptive sports can be game-changers for injured military members/veterans. The firm is continuing to be a leader in this area through involvement in programs like World T.E.A.M Sports Face of America Ride, the Salute Military Golf Association, the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic, and this month’s Department of Defense Warrior Games in Quantico, Virginia.

I’m a sports person and grew up playing field hockey, softball, and track/field. I’ve got a bit of a competitive streak, too, and the feeling of outsmarting a competitor or improving my finish time always gave me great pride. Today, when I attend adaptive sport events supporting our military and veterans there is nothing more exciting for me to watch than a fellow participant close in on a steep hill or cross the finish line knowing that each and every step, mile, or hurdle was done through pure determination and strength regardless of any type of physical or mental health challenge.  I am honored to ride along, run along, or just watch these incredible athletes. These experiences have taught me so much about the word resilience—and the awareness those I’m riding next to are truly our Nation’s heroes.

That’s why I’m so excited that Booz Allen is a bronze-level sponsor of this year’s Warrior Games.  Our employees are already working with the DoD on emerging technologies and providing services to our wounded warriors, and so have a vested interest and expertise in these areas. And 150 of them have said, “I want to do more” and have volunteered to support the Warrior Games. This is a great example the spirit of service that moves us beyond business and into our communities, and a terrific intersection of our professional expertise meeting our passion for service.

I invite you to learn more about the Warrior Games and how you can support the approximately 200 athletes expected to participate this year, representing teams from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, U.S. Special Operations Command, and British Armed Forces. If you love the kind of sports movie where the athlete overcomes great odds to triumph in the end, you’ll find something even greater in real life at these games. You’ll see a courage and commitment to carry on at all costs with grace and determination, and I hope you’ll join me in cheering them on.