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CEO Ralph Shrader Talks with Institutional Investor Magazine

March 13, 2013
Dr. Ralph W. Shrader
Dr. Ralph Shrader
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Booz Allen Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, Ralph Shrader, was interviewed in Institutional Investor magazine, talking about the firm’s strategy and strengths as a public company, and how we serve clients in important areas like cyber security. He also shares insights from his 38 years with the firm, and his thoughts on how the firm will succeed in today’s uncertain government contracting environment.

From the story:

On competing in the current federal budget environment:

"I’ve been with Booz Allen for more than 38 years, operating primarily in this government marketplace. I saw the wind-down of the Vietnam War, the oil embargoes of the ‘70s, the Berlin Wall falling. We’ve seen presidential administrations come and go. We’ve seen the Democrats in power, the Republicans in power.

We’ve come through all of these changes in very fine fashion and have continued to grow. Sometimes the growth flattens a bit, but when we get to the other side, we’re in good shape."

On the importance of Booz Allen’s partnership culture:

“We believe that the strong competitive advantage that Booz Allen has is this idea of partnership. In times of stress, this is particularly valuable because we are willing to move and be agile and amass strength where it’s needed and take it away from where it’s not.”

On Booz Allen’s support for clients around cyber threats:

“The unfortunate reality is that the (cyber) threat is pervasive. We do a lot of work with the U.S. government at the highest levels of security in understanding the threat, attempting to counter the threat and developing solutions around the threat. It sobers you to realize the scope of vulnerabilities and threats that are out there…Cyberspace is ever-changing and the bad guys get better every day, just as the good guys get better at trying to protect us. It’s not the kind of thing where you can declare victory. You have to keep working the problem day in, day out.”