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Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Approves Booz Allen’s T&E Bootcamp© for equivalent credit

April 05, 2011

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) has recently announced its intention to award equivalent credit to Booz Allen’s Test and Evaluation (T&E) Bootcamp.  Students who successfully complete the T&E Bootcamp©, will receive full credit for DAU’s TST-102 course.   DAU’s decision to award equivalent credit is a recognition of the breadth, depth, rigor, and quality of the educational experience provided by Booz Allen’s T&E Bootcamp©.  Additionally, the Project Management Institute accepts completion of the T&E Bootcamp© for 22 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

The T&E Bootcamp© provides focused information relative to acquisition lifecycle test activities.  The information in this class serves as a reference to help navigate the T&E Professional throughout the acquisition and T&E Lifecycle.

The T&E Bootcamp© is designed to integrate the guidance, principles, and instructions/regulations of the DoD with the best practices and lessons learned from decades of real-world experience.  With an increase in system complexity along with ever increasing budget constraints, it’s more critical than ever for T&E professionals, systems engineers and program managers to have a solid foundation in test and evaluation. Test & Evaluation plays a critical role in the development and understanding of any program. The methods and processes discussed in the T&E Bootcamp© help quantify the operational capability of a system as well as identify risk. 

The T&E Bootcamp© is based on 3 fundamental traits of Test and Evaluation
- T&E is a “program within a program” that spans the Acquisition Lifecycle.
- T&E supports the system development lifecycle providing feedback on system performance, capabilities, deficiencies and risk.
- T&E works synergistically with Program Management and Systems Engineering to provide capability to the end user.

The course follows a progression to answer the following questions:
- Why do we test?
- Who tests?
- How do we test?
- Which cross-functional disciplines impact testing?

The T&E Environment is complex – understanding this environment is critical for testers operating in an increasingly Joint world.  The three-day T&E Bootcamp©, led by professionals in the field, is designed to help test and evaluation practitioners, systems engineers, and project managers navigate the DoD Acquisition Life Cycle.  The class is enriched by a practical in-class exercise as well as by students and instructors sharing their own experiences.