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Inside Counsel Magazine: Champions of Change

In the November 2014 cover story of Inside Counsel magazine, Booz Allen President and Chief Operating Officer Horacio Rozanski and General Counsel Nancy Laben talk about the important relationship between a company’s CEO and General Counsel, and the business benefits that can arise from that.

My Experience at the Boston Combustion Chamber

Michelle Holko was awarded $40,000 to develop her Microbial Pathogen Sequence Database at the Boston Combustion Chamber.

Understanding and Leveraging Big Data in Health Care

Joachim Roski gave a lecture about big data as a part of the Healthy Health Policy Lunch & Lecture Series sponsored by the University of Texas. 

Supporting Servicemen and Women through the USO

Last month, in recognition of Military Family Appreciation Month and  Warrior Care Month, members of my team and their families and friends and I assembled care packages at the USO Center at Fort Belvoir for our deployed servicemen and women serving around the world. For hundreds of years, military units have built esprit de corps by working and playing together as a unit in service to our country. In much the same way, volunteering together gave our Booz Allen team the chance to build spirit and share a great sense of purpose. 

Booz Allen Improves Patient Safety, Quality and Access for MHS Beneficiaries

The Military Health System (MHS) is engaged in supporting organizational and care transformation to improve patient safety, quality, access, and health outcomes for patients and beneficiaries. Booz Allen has partnered with the Department of Defense Patient Safety Program (PSP) – now housed within the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) Clinical Support Division (CSD) – since 2005 to measure, analyze, and improve patient safety and implement effective solutions.  We are also supporting the Air Force in the implementation of its current and future planned patient safety efforts.

My FIRST Impression—Competition Is an Adrenaline-pumping Experience

Being at a FIRST competition is as thrilling as any massive sporting event, or even a rock concert. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and the energy is palpable. There are kids everywhere excitedly following the competition while an emcee is tracking the progress of the matches and pumping up the crowd. Watching one of these competitions for the first time was an “ah ha” moment for me. This is cool

Military Family Appreciation Month—Remembering Women Veterans

At the age of 18, while working in a small town diner, I decided to take a huge step by joining the U.S. Army. After 40 years of service, I’m a proud veteran, having retired in 2013. It was a privilege to serve my country, during times of peace and to protect our nations’ freedoms during times of war. Now it’s my privilege to serve other women veterans. 

Booz Allen selected to lay foundation for GSA’s future Integrated Award Environment (IAE)

GSA recently announced a $64.5 million contract award for Booz Allen to build a Common Services Platform as part of GSA’s Integrated Award Environment.   Booz Allen will leverage the latest technologies and best practices in cloud computing and open source to deploy and host an IAE Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution. Booz Allen will partner with leading providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, Red Hat and Docker.  The core of Booz Allen’s proposed solution is based on the firm’s open cloud service broker platform, known as Project Jellyfish.  This platform, plus a suite of common service technologies, will provide a fully automated, self-service PaaS environment allowing GSA and other vendors to build business applications. Booz Allen is excited to support GSA as they work towards a more transparent, open, and innovative transformation of Federal acquisition. 

Boston Combustion Chamber: An Explosion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Julie McPherson discusses the Boston Combustion Chamber, an opportunity for Booz Allen employees to secure funding for their innovative, market-ready ideas.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Opportunities for the Energy Sector in 2015 and Beyond

At its core, the oil industry has a very simple mission: finding and producing oil, driving value, and ultimately replacing the reserves to ensure there is more oil to come. It once was relatively easy work with plentiful options, but in recent decades it’s become increasingly complex: Oil is harder to find; it’s deeper in the earth, it’s located in more hostile environments without easy access to modern technology. Those circumstances are driving entirely new business models in the industry, involving more joint ventures, reliance on new, more complex technology and tactics, and involvement with a broader range of third parties. This major global transformation requires organizations to be able to predict, identify, and manage myriad changes nearly simultaneously to thrive.

In my conversations with clients and heard at industry events -- such as the 9th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference & Expo where our Senior Executive Advisor Mike McConnell is giving the keynote and the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference where this year Vice President Terry Thompson is speaking about technology security challenges – there is a sense that energy companies have the fundamentals, such as technology development, cyber, IT, risk, and investment and regulation under control. But leaders tell me that what concerns them are the implications and risks related to each of these components of the business that are not being raised to the board level for a more holistic view of risk management. Here’s an example: a company may have a robust protection from Phishing attacks, but if one is successful and results in the loss of private personal or client information, that could be a crushing blow to customer relationships, and trigger regulatory issues and other impacts. 

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