Booz Allen Hamilton

Webinar: Communicating Cyber Risks to Business Leaders

July 16, 2013


The threat landscape is evolving - from theft to disruption to destruction - the byproduct of this evolution is the material impact to the business. Cyber challenges are no longer viewed as back office functional risks - but, rather a strategic risk agenda item for CEOs and Board of Directors. The challenge for today's CISOs is how to respond to this emerging opportunity to better align programs to the business - changing the communications to simple and pragmatic business speak while ensuring effective give and take decision-making.

On July 17th FS-ISAC and Booz Allen Hamilton's Executive Vice President Thomas Sanzone and Principal Sedar Labarre shared valuable insights for how CISOs can communicate with their business leaders when it comes to investing in cyber risk solutions.

Experience The Webinar

What was learned from this presentation:

  • What matters to the CEOs from a risk management perspective?
  • How to communicate to CEOs about cyber risks?
  • How to better link cyber threats/risks to the bottom line?
  • How to change the culture of your company to better embrace cyber hygiene?