Booz Allen Hamilton

Megacommunities 2.0: Building Resiliency

October 26 - November 01, 2012

Orlando, FL

Senior Vice President Thad Allen, Principal Megan Clifford and other Booz Allen staff will be attending the 2012 International Association of Emergency Managers Conference in Orlando, Florida. This year’s theme is “Resiliency: Building a Better Tomorrow”.

Highlights of this year’s conference will include:

  • Introductory Remarks from Senior Vice President Thad Allen at the Opening Luncheon on Monday, October 29
  • A Networking Reception hosted by Booz Allen
  • Recognition of Booz Allen staff for achieving Emergency Management and Associate Emergency Management Certifications

Booz Allen has a history of leading and support missions that reduce and prevent the impact of disasters and emergencies. Attendees can learn more about Booz Allen’s work towards creating more resilient communities by attending the luncheon or reception, or downloading the resources below.