Booz Allen Hamilton

It Takes a Megacommunity

April 27, 2012

National Press Club, Washington, DC

The whole of community approach was illustrated when Associate Administrator David Miller (FEMA); Executive Director Larry Larson (Association of State Flood Plain Managers;, Dr. CJ Huff (Joplin, MO Schools); Assistant Vice President Matt Gannon (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies); and Senior Vice President Thad Allen (Booz Allen) participated in a panel discussion on how the application of the whole of community methodology can significantly improve mitigation efforts.

The basis of the event stemmed from a survey administered to hazard mitigation and insurance professionals to investigate current perspectives on the status of hazard mitigation today and industry professionals’ beliefs of the best approaches to community disaster resilience. The survey report can be accessed here: Hazard Mitigation Today: Perspectives from Industry Professionals.