Booz Allen Hamilton

2011 National Emergency Management Association Policy & Leadership Forum

October 03-07, 2011

Austin, TX

Marko Bourne, Senior Vice President Doug Carter and a team of Booz Allen staff will assemble at the 2011 NEMA Policy & Leadership Forum to share industry updates on the emerging needs and priorities in emergency management and response. Visit Booz Allen at Booth 27 on the NEMA Show Floor.


Large scale disasters such as the September 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina and even the recent earth coast earthquake continue to reiterate the vital need to anticipate the occurrence of natural and man-made disasters.

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Annual planning and implementation of exercises help government and federal aid agencies prepare for what’s next. Building capacities of federal grant, personnel and logistical resources lessen the severity and impact of disasters after they occur.


Knowing what risks exist is important but being able to visualize the data by integrating risk and geospatial analysis can provide an extremely beneficial and enduring strategy for disaster response planning. Risk visualization allows government or response agencies to forecast the effects of potential disasters according to regional trends and atmospheric factors.