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Booz Allen Hamilton Nonprofit Speaker Series

Building the capacity of nonprofit organizations

Since 2007 Booz Allen has sponsored an innovative opportunity for nonprofit organizations – large and small – to gain critical insights from leading nonprofit development officers, foundations and corporate grant makers. The Nonprofit Speaker Series, developed by the firm in partnership with leaders in the sector and delivered by experts in the field, are created for nonprofit executive directors, development directors, fundraisers, staff and board members to provide high-caliber affordable training.

Building the capacity of an organization means strengthening its capabilities for expanding existing programs, adopting more efficient approaches, and developing new ideas. By providing opportunities to share organizational best practices, the Nonprofit Speaker Series offers session participants lessons learned and tools to maximize their success and improve the well-being of their organizations.

The 3.5 hour sessions are held in-person at the firm’s headquarters in McLean, VA and via the Web, 3-4 times a year. Each session is developed by a committee of experienced nonprofit partners to ensure the topics are relevant and timely. Registration is available via the Web and opens 6-8 weeks prior to each event at the low cost of $25.00 per session.

To be added to the Nonprofit Speaker Series list-serve, contact Booz Allen’s Community Partnerships team at [email protected].

To access previous Nonprofit Speaker Series sessions, view the videos below.


Myths, Misconceptions And Meaningful Metrics: How To Stay Focused In The Information Age, March 11, 2016 

For this session in the Nonprofit Speaker Series we will focus on common misperceptions that nonprofits have regarding expectations from funders, charity rating organizations and auditors. We will parse out the truth from the myth and leave your nonprofit with a strong set of priorities to keep you on a path to success and increase your impact.




Not Your Mother’s Oldsmobile. . . . The New Role Of Nonprofit Boards And How To Make Them Work For You, December 3, 2015 

This session will explore the evolution of the role of the nonprofit board. In the past, a board’s role ideally was to govern, provide oversight and help the nonprofit ‘survive.’ Today boards can play an active role to not only survive but thrive. This session will explore how Executive Directors can take stock of their board’s membership and structure, communicate their needs in the areas of fundraising, outreach and financial literacy, and actively engage their board to become a true working partner.




Capital Campaign Road Map: Planning and Managing a Compelling Campaign, June 10, 2015 

The economy has stabilized and if you’re reading this you’ve survived the recession. Is it time to start to dream a little bigger? You’ve identified a need and a vision – a compelling capital campaign may be the path to success for your organization, clients, donors, and volunteers. We’ve invited some of the region’s most respected professionals to provide in-depth guidance on capital campaigns.




It’s Cold Outside! But What Does the Economic Forecast Tell Us About How to Lead Our Nonprofit Organizations? January 13, 2015 

This session focused on how 2015’s economic trends and patterns may impact nonprofit organization’s programs, services, and fundraising practices. Dr. Stephen Fuller, a respected economist from George Mason University, shared the outcomes of his research and his view on the area’s current and future economic health. He explored the challenges nonprofits face, as well as the opportunities and benefits that come from living in the region. Barbara Garlock, director of the Nonprofit Roundtable’s Project FIRM (Financial Reporting and Management Institute), gave an insightful talk on adaptive leadership styles and introduced strategies to support mission-driven work, covering programming, finance, and management. A panel conversation with nonprofit executives concluded the program, providing on-the-ground examples of how these executives adjusted their leadership styles and practices in response to external environmental factors and the economy.




When You've Hit the Lottery: Turning One-time Participants into Long-Term Organizational Supporters October 30, 2014

In this session, you’ll hear experts discuss how to engage donors after massive fundraising campaigns (examples: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, or major disaster relief campaign), plus talk about how to convert one-time donors into long-term supporters and organization advocates, and more.




Cultivate Your Creativity: Your Own and Your Organization’s, July 15, 2014 

At this session you’ll hear Alan Gregerman, the author of The Necessity of Strangers (a Washington Post bestseller), deliver a thought-provoking program on how to create breakthroughs in your work by tapping a world filled with remarkable strangers, ideas, and perspectives. Plus more on this topic from a panel of nonprofit leaders and Booz Allen strategist Linna Manomaitis.




Engaging Funders: Stewarding Your Donors After the “Yes”, May 1, 2014 

Learn tips and strategies for engaging donors throughout the year. Hear from corporate and foundation funders as well as nonprofit fundraising professionals.




Using Today’s Tools to Tell Your Story- November 20, 2013

This session highlights strategies for crafting a message to help your organization tell its story and stand out in a crowded field.




Resilient Leaders/Resilient Nonprofits: Building a Sustainable Workplace Culture- September 10, 2013

Learn from your nonprofit peers how to create more balance in your professional life, and how to help your colleagues and staff members stay focused and get more joy from their work.




Blurring the Lines Between Volunteers, Donors, and Fundraisers- April 30, 2013

This session features a discussion on turning volunteers into donors and leveraging volunteers to help support an organization’s fundraising efforts.




A Year in the Life of a Board Member, November 14, 2012

This webinar features speakers who share their thoughts and ideas on board development, board cultivation, recruitment, orientation and fundraising along with implementation strategies for each topic.




Steps to Creating an Effective Development Plan, July 31, 2012

The session guides viewers through the steps for creating an effective nonprofit development plan to include data analysis, organizational priorities, and staff and board ownership.




Your Comprehensive Development Plan: New Trends, New Methods, New Vision, May 7, 2012

A panel discussion with subject matter experts who share a holistic approach to identifying the many sides of a donor. The key points communicated include the effective use of limited resources, reinvesting in an organization, the changing expectations of donor relationships, and building the complete donor relationship.



Funders, Funders, Funders – Meet Corporate, Foundation, and Individual and Giving Circle Donors, December 7, 2011

Three distinct panels focus on corporate, foundation, and individual and giving circle donors providing insight into what funders seeking.




Exploring Earned Income – Diversifying Funding Streams, August 24, 2011

Listen to how nonprofit leaders diversified their organization’s funding streams to include earned income. Best practices are shared on how to market and idea, and to gain buy-in from key stakeholders as well as the successes and the challenges encountered.



Ability to Give + Willingness to Give + Connection to the Cause = A Successful Donor Equation, June 15, 2011

Best practices are learned from subject matter experts during this session on how to implement creative prospect research, outreach, and cultivating strategies that will build strong and lasting donor relationships.



Skills Based Volunteers – Is Your Organization Ready? March 15, 2011

Experienced nonprofits know that engaging skills based volunteers in rewarding projects entails more than making the ask - a nonprofit seeking skills based support must have their organization and staff ready. Learn from leaders in the field how to prepare an organization for the help needed. Hear first-hand from nonprofits and volunteers the positive impact strategic volunteers can have on an organization.


Generations at Work: Creating a Positive Office Culture, November 15, 2010

Successful nonprofits work to create a positive organizational culture because each generation has different motivators, various ways of connecting with their employer and colleagues, and a variety of ways to approach daily job responsibilities. Viewers of this session will gain insight into employee engagement best practices that celebrate a diverse set of skills ultimately strengthening an organization.


Fundraising Realities: Making it a Team Effort, September 23, 2010

During this program learn how experts in the field have created an organizational climate that encourages staff to cultivate and tee-up relationships with potential donors. The featured speakers and panelists will share how they have broaden staff perspectives beyond their functional roles, developed advocates through greater levels of transparency and collaborated across teams to advance the mission of the organization.


Money Matters: Understanding Your Role as a Financial Leader, June 10, 2010

Financial information can explain it all - to a board, staff, funders and the public. How this information is communicated to these constituencies can have a direct impact on the organization. Learn from subject-matter experts how to grasp financial data and how it can effectively be used to move a mission forward.



A Whole New World: Building Strong Relationships with Donors in a Contracted Economy, March 16, 2010

Fundraising in a contracted economy can be difficult. Nonprofit organizations are often making tough decisions on whether or not to keep or change long standing special events as well as trying to identify new fundraising streams. Listen to session speakers share insights into organizational decisions and the practices to help sustain revenue and programs.



Building Your Team: Making Your Board Members Your Greatest Asset, December 1, 2009

Developing a functional board for high impact and mapping board assets to optimize engagement with a nonprofit organization are critical skills. Professionals in the field will share how to improve board performance through establishing clear guidelines, expectations and tools (i.e. contracts , report cards and self-assessments).



It's Right Sizing Not Down Sizing, June 8, 2009

The session explores a variety of topics to include assessing staff strengths, repositioning staff, keeping staff motivated, broadening skill sets, coping in a small organization and the economies gained from a shared back office services.



Embracing Organizational Change, May 1, 2009

Re-tooling an organization by focusing on the core mission is the topic of this session. Concepts explored include identifying the roles of the board and staff, assessing how decisions are made such as program cuts or reduction in the size and scope, and communicating organizational change to staff, donors, volunteers and clients.



Fundraising Learned Today, Leveraged Tomorrow, March 12, 2009

Learn fundraising techniques from leaders in the nonprofit sector.