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Aspen Ideas Festival 2012

No matter how big an idea is, it doesn’t count for much if it is never realized, if thought does not become action. That’s where the Aspen Ideas Festival comes in. For one week every summer, leaders in science, business, politics, the arts, and academia come together to discuss the critical challenges facing the world—and the innovative ways they might be addressed.

The festival is a perfect fit for Booz Allen’s leadership role in bringing new and important ideas to the forefront. That’s why we’re a major sponsor and a key participant—Booz Allen’s experts help develop the annual program, and serve as moderators and panelists in many of the discussions.

Aspen Ideas Festival 2013

Aspen Ideas Festival 2012

  • Discover what’s happening at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival through the eyes of Booz Allen’s leaders at the Aspen Ideas Festival Blog

Aspen Ideas Festival 2011

Aspen Ideas Festival 2010

Aspen Ideas Festival 2009

Aspen Ideas Festival 2008

  • At 2008 Aspen Ideas Festival, Booz Allen Leaders Addressed Critical Issues Facing the New Administration – For the fourth year, the firm sponsored the prestigious event that brought together respected names in science, business, politics, the arts, and academia.

Aspen Ideas Festival logoAspen Ideas Festival 2007

  • Booz Allen Leaders Again Participate in Prestigious Aspen Ideas Festival – The firm is co-sponsoring the annual event, bringing together distinguished experts in science, academia, politics, business, and culture.

Aspen Ideas Festival 2006

  • Booz Allen Leadership Participated in 2006 Aspen Ideas Festival – Festival featured 100 of today's most profound and provocative thinkers, corporate heads, writers, policy officials, scholars, and other leaders.
  • The State of Global Health: A Report from the 2006 Aspen Ideas Festival – A sampling of the best of the health-care sessions at Aspen.
  • Booz Allen Plays Large Part at Aspen Ideas Festival – Firm’s vice presidents shape discussions around Global Dynamics and Health.