Trust and the Customer Experience

How to Win in Manufacturing 4.0

Manufacturing 4.0 isn’t about incremental advances. This is transformation, defined by digitization, connectivity, machine learning, and additive manufacturing – which are upending production. Industry lines are blurring. And new competitors are emerging.

In 4.0, successful manufacturers will pull ahead by embracing a critical fact: the product is just a starting point. Today, your brand is defined by delivering services and experiences through the product. From vehicles equipped with proactive safety technology to industrial machinery that signals demand for its own replacement parts, and even refrigerators that write your grocery list, products are now the gateway to the services customers value most.

In this world, building and keeping customer trust has never been more important. Customers are entrusting you with their safety and private data. They’re demanding a trusted relationship with producers—and they’ll go somewhere else if they don’t receive it. Trust is a prerequisite to selling services and experiences. That means it’s a prerequisite for business success.

Building trusted relationships into long-term revenue and profit requires discipline and focus in three critical areas: cyber security, precision analytics, and talent.

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