Unlocking Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing 4.0

This webinar, from Booz Allen’s Focus Sessions, discusses the transformative shifts created by Manufacturing 4.0, including digitization, connectivity, machine learning, and the convergence of physical and virtual worlds – which all contribute to helping companies deliver new, high-end experiences and outcomes for their customers.

Listen in to hear Booz Allen high-tech manufacturing experts Sedar LaBarre and Matt Doan discuss:

  • The importance of an ecosystem cyber security strategy that goes far beyond corporate networks
  • How to stop chasing shiny data solutions and make precision analytics business-as-usual
  • The 5 talent archetypes manufacturers must recruit, engage, and empower to find success in the 4.0 era

If you’re interested in learning more about bold new approaches to stand out in an increasingly crowded manufacturing environment, view a recording of the webinar below.

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