The Field Guide to Data Science

The Field Guide to Data Science spells out what data science is, why it matters to organizations, as well as how to create data science teams. Along the way, our team of experts provides field-tested approaches, personal tips and tricks, and real-life case studies. Senior leaders will walk away with a deeper understanding of the concepts at the heart of data science, practitioners will add to their toolboxes, and beginners will find insights to help them start on their data science journey.

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Data Insights

In The Field Guide to Data Science, our Booz Allen experts provide their insights in the following areas:

Start Here for the Basics

Start Here for the Basics provides an introduction to data science, including what makes data science unique from other analysis approaches. We help you understand data science maturity within an organization and how to create a robust data science capability.

Take Off the Training Wheels

Take Off the Training Wheels is the practitioner’s guide to data science. We share our established processes, including our approach to decomposing complex data science problems, the Fractal Analytic Model. We conclude with the Guide to Analytic Selection to help you select the right analytic techniques to conquer your toughest challenges.

Life in the Trenches

Life in the Trenches gives a firsthand account of life as a data scientist. We share insights on a variety of data science topics through illustrative case studies. We provide tips and tricks from our own experiences on these real-life analytic challenges.

Putting it All Together

Putting it All Together highlights our successes creating data science solutions for our clients. It follows several projects from data to insights to illustrate the impact data science can have on your organization.

The Field Guide to Data Science

Whether you’re an IT executive, skilled analytics practitioner, or data science novice, The Field Guide to Data Science contains the insights you need.


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