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Data Analytics and Sports

5 Things Sports Executives Need to Know

Data is everywhere, surrounding everything we do. And today, the sports industry is generating more data than ever before. It’s measuring the business and the game in ways never imagined. It can be seen in the use of Doppler radar and camera systems to track ball and player movement on the baseball diamond, as a single Major League Baseball game has been reported to generate up to seven terabytes, or 7,000 gigabytes, of data.

For industry executives, understanding this massive amount of data and determining the best way to make use of it can be daunting. As analytics’ capabilities and disciplines mature, the insights gained from data science will be critical to informed organizational decision-making at all levels. But with the numerous types and sheer volume of complex data being generated, where do executives even begin?

Booz Allen Hamilton, a leader in helping sports organizations apply their data to solve business and game performance challenges, has identified three central areas in which sports organizations can use data to improve performance: on the field, off the field, and in the stands. We’ve also identified the five most important considerations for sports executives as they begin to take advantage of their data and stand-up robust analytics operations.

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