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Managing Technological Change

7 Ways to Talk Tech with Management

Technology is a powerful force, enabling efficient corporate enterprise growth when properly employed. The pace of “new” continues to accelerate, posing both new opportunity and possibly massive disruption within our established systems and data.

As in the case with other change elements—environmental, political, legislative—savvy corporate boards will have the pulse on emerging technology and a view as to when is the ideal timing to drive adoption for maximum benefit without wasting limited capital.

Following are seven questions proactive directors should consider when “talking tech” with their management teams:

  • How old is your daily use technology?
  • Are you mired in “yesteryear’s” data management strategies?
  • Is your security architecture in the medieval age?
  • Are your mobile and cloud initiatives a part of the business or floating untethered?
  • Have you established a “Magna Carta” of data governance?
  • Has your organization produced an IT strategy or are you just being served appetizers?
  • Is your staff ready for all this change?