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2015 (ISC)2 Global Information Workforce Study

ISC2, Frost & Sullivan and Booz Allen Hamilton partnered for this year's 2015 Global Information Security Workforce Study. The study, based on an online survey conducted over a four month period starting in October 2014, gauged the opinions of information security professionals regarding trends and issues affecting their profession and careers.

Executive Summary

Among many insights obtained by this research, the study concluded that the information security workforce shortfall continues to widen across the board. In this year's survey, 62% of the survey respondents stated that their organizations have too few information security professionals, an increase from the 56% reported in the 2013 survey. Another shift from the 2013 survey, the reasoning behind this hiring shortfall is less about money as more organizations are making the budgets available to hire more personnel but companies are finding an insufficient pool of suitable candidates. These new observations, amongst others generated from this extensive survey (almost 14,000 respondents globally) allowed Frost & Sullivan, to estimate the shortfall in the global information security workforce; which is projected to reach 1.5 million in five years. This shortfall is the difference between Frost & Sullivan's projection of the workforce needed to fully address escalating security staffing needs and our workforce projection that accounts for workforce supply constraints (e.g., a tightening labor market among security professionals).

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