Booz Allen Hamilton

Vehicle Cyber Security: What Every Automotive Executive Needs to Know

Security is integral to developing a high-quality, high-performing vehicle. Automotive executives have begun to realize the critical ties between cyber and vehicle security, but there’s more work to do.

Vehicle cyber security isn’t like the cross-cutting challenges with which automakers are more familiar. It has a much nastier set of variables -- numerous inroads and unrelenting attackers -- that stretch well beyond the vehicle. Without taking a “systems” view of the vehicle cyber security challenge, siloed efforts only close a few of the doors to risk. Most of the business remains unprotected, creating big problems.  

Through this timely industry insight, Booz Allen's cyber experts outline the four, big organizational changes that leaders can make to address this issue and thrive:

  • Identify and empower a Vehicle Cyber Security Leader
  • Build a hybrid team to support this leader
  • Manage risk across the ecosystem
  • Make it part of a bigger cultural change

With the right leadership and an integrated approach, automakers will find that the opportunity outweighs the risks.