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A New Normal In Automotive

The Connected Vehicle Moment

A New Normal in Automotive
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Vehicles have become an integrated part of the “personal ecosystem”—with an emphasis on connectivity, entertainment, convenience. Automakers now compete in spaces that are undefined and against non-traditional competitors, with innovations that are accelerating the shift toward a new service model.

Recognizing opportunity in the evolution of the connected vehicle landscape requires insights that extend beyond traditional automotive boundaries. At Booz Allen Commercial Solutions, we see this revolution as a chance to generate new revenue streams and develop brand differentiators.

  • Own the coming transformation. A new product and evolved service model is emerging, and automakers need to look across the enterprise to identify creative leaders and break down barriers to collaboration.
  • Recognize the data opportunity. Automakers—with a product tied so closely to the customer—are in a unique position to create new revenue streams through data analysis.
  • Adapt a “Try. Fail. Learn.” mindset. Traditional manufacturers will need to innovate early and fail often to find the right combination of features that meet consumer demands.
  • Secure your connectivity. While embedded diagnostic systems and hosted applications provide new services to drivers, vehicle cyber security is integral to developing a high-quality, high-performing vehicle.
  • Manage risk across the enterprise. Fundamental changes in the industry require insightful strategies and planning, highly effective change management, strong project management, and market-leading insights using all available data.

At Booz Allen, we think differently, pairing expertise from high-tech, manufacturing, consumer electronics, and other industries with comprehensive consulting solutions designed to match our clients’ evolving business needs. We help our clients re-imagine the market landscape and anticipate interdependencies created by new and emerging technology. We are leaders in the emerging challenges facing the automotive industry—in cyber security, data analytics, privacy, and beyond. Our success is measured by our ability to help organizations transform to realize market opportunity and mitigate business risk.

Together, we enable you to thrive— today, tomorrow, and beyond.