Booz Allen Hamilton

Wolfhound System Tracks Down Enemy Radio Signals

Sniffing Out the Taliban: Booz Allen Hamilton’s Wolfhound System Tracks Down Enemy Radio Signals

(This article was originally published in the July-August, 2013 issue of The Officer Journal, the bimonthly journal of the Reserve Officers Association. Reprinted here with permission of The Officer, columnist, Jeanne Kouhestani, and the Reserve Officers Association)

When Booz Allen Hamilton got the word that battlefeld commanders in Afghanistan urgently needed a way to fnd the enemy before the enemy found them, the Booz Allen Cyber/Technology team sprang into action. Using a rapid prototyping system developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army, Booz Allen engineers came up with a solution in short order: the Wolfound System. Small and light enough to be carried in a backpack, the system zeros in on signals from enemy radios and tracks them down to their end user. Read More