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The Business-Oriented CIO

Industry expert George Tillmann, a retired Booz Allen Hamilton vice president and former CIO, has summarized his industry knowledge into a single resource that explains how to bring IT into the mainstream of your business. This important book succinctly addresses the leadership skills and practical guidance CIOs need to be full and effective members of the business strategy team, and equips CIOs with tools they can use to create real business value.

George Tillmann
George Tillmann

Although IT is essential to every company’s survival, some senior business managers view it as too unreliable to play a critical business role. For IT to realize its full potential as an equal business partner, CIOs must question the way IT is currently perceived and managed, and IT departments must provide services efficiently and effectively with transparent processes and procedures.

The Business-Oriented CIO brings together the best in IT programs, techniques, and best practices, and incorporates insights from business leaders such as Michael Porter on strategy, Harry Markowitz on portfolio theory, C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel on core competencies, Robert Kaplan and David Norton on scorecards, and Christian Gronroos on customer service, as well as Tillmann himself on corporate systems.

Using an approach called Market-Drive Management that adapts for-profit techniques for the cost center, this practical book shows how to transform your image from that of service center that functions only to fix problems to a true business partner by helping you:

  • Understand internal customer needs by applying for-profit customer segmentation techniques
  • Adopt board of director methods to enhance IT governance
  • Create an IT strategy that actually aligns with business
  • Use portfolio management to ensure that all IT constituencies are fairly represented
  • Create an IT front office to understand, support, and represent internal customers to IT
  • Implement a simple program to learn what other IT organizations, including competitors, are doing
  • Use core competencies to develop core service offerings critical to the enterprise
  • Understand what IT can do to transform every organization

The Business-Oriented CIO, says Tillmann, is a notebook of practical techniques: “It will help the moderately successful CIO improve (1) the services his or her shop offers; (2) the perception of IT by the rest of the enterprise as a valued member of the corporate family; and (3) the acceptance of IT managers and staff as valuable, and valued, corporate managers and staff.”

book summary posted October 20, 2008