Booz Allen Hamilton Continue to 2015 Impact Report
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Booz Allen combines the power of consulting expertise, technical skill, and mission knowledge to deliver results that meet our clients’ challenges and also inspire new levels of success. We are consulting reimagined, and the power to reimagine is the power to inspire a better future for our clients, communities, and people.

Consulting is only part of our story. For more than 100 years, Booz Allen defined management consulting. We were there as modern corporations emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, the Allies mobilized for World War II, the Cold War began and ended, the Space Age dawned, and Asia and South America rose with strong economies. Booz Allen has helped our nation defend and improve its readiness during the Gulf Wars, respond to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and combat the rise of new cyber threats that have changed how businesses operate.

Now as we head into our second century, we are yet again inspiring innovation and change within the industry. Our overriding objective is to be the Essential Partner. We strive to design and deliver unique, end-to-end solutions right at the center of the client’s mission. In being that partner, we are fundamentally reshaping the way clients think about our work, bringing them ideas and solutions beyond those they would expect from a traditional consulting company. Our nearly 23,000 talented people are pioneering and inspiring new systems and approaches that are transforming our clients’ missions.


Growth and Innovation
At Booz Allen, we grow and innovate together—as one firm—drawing from the common connections that exist between the knowledge, the relationships, the insights, and the experiences we share.

Under a comprehensive strategy called Vision 2020, Booz Allen is making substantial investments in the people, capabilities, and markets that will drive sustainable, quality growth well into our second century. We are building our capacity to deliver the solutions that clients need most in a fast-changing, complex world. Our focus areas are: engineering, systems delivery, cyber, innovation, and the commercial and international markets.

Vision 2020 is transforming our company in important ways: We are scaling across our business the capabilities and solutions that differentiate us in the marketplace; we are designing and selling products; we are fostering a culture of innovation that enables us to show clients how to innovate; we are expanding our footprint internationally; we are building a broad network of alliances with top innovators, startups, and academia; and we are creating distinctive people and business models internally to support new lines of business.

In 2013, Booz Allen began developing an Innovation Blueprint—a series of components and systems to source, supply, and mature our own innovation practices. From new Functional Communities and Functional Agendas to specialized innovation events, we have encouraged our employees, project teams, and communities to bring new thinking to the table. Our premiere investment competitions—the annual Ideas Festival, and the bi-annual Combustion Chamber—are pipelines for new solutions for the market. But we don’t go it alone. Our expertise in applying technological innovations has made us an Essential Partner for companies seeking to connect their services to federal business challenges.

The changes fueled by our growth and innovation strategy build on the long-standing strengths of our core business—our consulting expertise and deep understanding of clients’ missions. It is in bringing the powerful combination of all these strengths that we open opportunities and create impact for our clients.


Our areas of focus for future growth are:
Delivering engineering, prototyping, and fabrication to facilitate modernization and sustainment. We support all segments of the defense market and adjacent opportunities in intelligence, law enforcement, homeland security, and international systems sectors.
Sustaining existing technology in support of our clients’ missions while advancing and integrating new solutions with legacy systems and software. We leverage the firm's extensive domain and functional IT expertise, proven metrics and methodologies, and the best combination of third-party technology solutions to inspire new levels of performance for our clients.
Blending strategy and technology to address our clients’ most complex, high-priority cyber challenges. Our experts work to understand, prioritize, and manage cybersecurity in the context of our clients’ business and mission goals, addressing their current issues and preparing them to meet future challenges.
Developing and delivering innovative solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges. We deliver these insights across five key initiatives: Next-Generation Analytics; Predictive Intelligence; Rapid Prototyping and Platform Integration; Enterprise Integration; and Building Booz Allen’s Culture of Innovation.
Expanding and diversifying into commercial (private sector) and international markets (private and public sector). We apply our core technical competencies and augment them with market industry insight and strategic consulting expertise.


Our Impact
Every day Booz Allen helps our clients and communities address their toughest challenges, applying the strength of our consulting heritage, advanced capabilities, and mission understanding to uncover insights and deliver unique solutions.


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