What’s New in Issue No. 002

Whether you’re a C-suite executive who needs to think differently about how to integrate emerging technologies, a potential client seeking a new business partner, a company looking to co-invest, or a prospective recruit interested in Booz Allen’s latest ideas and breakthroughs, ENVOI Articles has the insights you need.

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Featured stories in ENVOI Articles No. 002 include:

Beating the Drum of Discovery

There is currently an unsustainable talent gap in STEM industries. If left unaddressed, it will slow the pace of technological discovery and America’s economic progress. Former NASA Chief Director of the International Space Station Gretchen McClain shares her approach to getting more women in STEM.

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Out of the Shadows

Discover Booz Allen’s Dark Labs: an elite team of security engineers who protect vulnerable systems by deploying the same techcraft that malicious hackers use.

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Functional Growth

Learn why Booz Allen restructured its innovation business around five key Functional Service Offerings, in Analytics, Cyber, Engineering and Science, Management Consulting, and Systems Delivery.

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How to Get 90% of Your Interns to Work for You

On average, only 50% of interns accept offers of full time employment. It’s an expensive statistical coin toss for many companies. A team at Booz Allen, however, has transformed the business of internships.

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Open Performance

Why Booz Allen Digital rebooted its approach, and how it’s now opening the performance of clients by transforming them from closed, proprietary systems into open agile enterprises.

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At the Corner of 15th & Ideas

Visit the new Booz Allen Innovation Center, where you can collaborate with the numerous startups that are changing the technology landscape of Washington, D.C.

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ENVOI Articles Issue No. 001 is a collection of original thinking and applied innovation stories featuring Booz Allen’s consultants, engineers, scientists, and technologists.