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Creating Results that Endure

Booz Allen Hamilton pioneers thought leadership that advances some of the most exciting and innovative ideas of the day. And at the same time, we foster the kind of creative collaboration that puts these “big ideas” into motion, giving our clients powerful new approaches to their most pressing challenges, and helping them prepare for what’s next.

Successful Strategies for Government Leaders

Booz Allen study investigates factors that contribute to significant organizational and cultural change in US government agencies.Read More

Security Framework Keeps Oil Flowing in the Middle East

The new framework helps identify and prioritize security requirements so executives can make good business decisions and maximize business investments.Read More

Creating Value in Health Through Big Data Infographic

Investing in new IT infrastructure, ensuring data security and privacy, and utilizing data scientists can unlock the value buried in Big Data.Read More

The Connected Vehicle Movement

Booz Allen experts outline how automakers can compete in undefined spaces, against non-traditional competitors as vehicles become more connected.Read More

Vehicle Cyber Security: What Every Automotive Executive Needs to Know

Security is integral to developing a high-quality, high-performing vehicle. Booz Allen cyber experts outline the four, big organizational changes to address this issue.Read More

When Machinery Gets Smart

With increasing “smart” technology, connectivity across the industrial ecosystem will soon be ubiquitous and seamless. While the potential is enormous, the associated challenges could result in manufacturers missing a prime opportunity.Read More

Cyber Hunting: Proactively Track Anomalies to Inform Risk Decisions

Booz Allen's Rick Stotts and Scott Lippenholz prioritize APT Hunting capabilities to empower enterprises to proactively search for and discover network anomalies to prevent long term network damage.Read More

#ConnectedGov: Engaging Stakeholders in the Digital Age

The need for the Federal Government to engage stakeholder audiences via social channels to understand the way they consume information is increasing.Read More

Intelligence-Driven Security: Interactive Viewpoint

Minimize Risk by Mastering the Motives, Strategies, and Tactics of Your Cyber AdversariesRead More

Aviation Week hosts Executive Roundtable in Huntsville

Representatives from Booz Allen’s Engineering team joined Aviation Week for an editorial roundtable discussion in Huntsville, AL in November.Read More

Cyber Capability in the Middle East

Seizing Opportunity while Managing Risk in the Digital AgeRead More

BYOD: Seizing Opportunities for Innovation

Booz Allen Principal Tony Urbanovich details the processes and considerations savvy companies must apply in order to take secure advantage of and internally support mobile technologies in the workplace.Read More

Predictive Intelligence: The Critical Connection between Intentions and Capabilities

Booz Allen Principal Grey Burkhart explains how cybersecurity uses the art of Predictive Intelligence to foil hackers and modern cyberthreats.Read More

What the Astronauts Don’t See

Directed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attacks have plagued global banks in highly publicized events over the last year. If these attacks are coming from foreign nation-states, why isn’t the government stepping in to protect banks in the same way they would against physical attacks by invaders? Why are financial institutions solely responsible?Read More

Future of Grants in Domestic Preparedness: A DomPrep Survey

A survey-based report of thoughts and perspectives on federal grants management and helping to prepare for what's next on the horizon in emergency management.Read More

Smart Data

Empowering Smart Decision-Making in the Federal GovernmentRead More

2014 College Basketball Tournament

As energized fans complete their upcoming 2014 basketball tournament brackets ahead of the first tip-offs, Booz Allen Hamilton has released an interactive tool that allows fans to calculate the environmental impact of each team on a bracket.Read More

Communications Measurement Infographic

Booz Allen expert Chris Foster explains the evolution of communications measurement in this new Infographic. Read More

Delivering an Analytics-Driven Culture

In today’s information-rich environment, data is seen as a key organizational resource which can be monetized or tapped to improve mission effectiveness and efficiency. To fully unleash the value from their data, organizations need to evolve to an analytics-driven cultureRead More

The Smart Command Town Hall Series

With support from Government Executive Media Group’s Defense One custom events business, the series features four town hall events across the country from November, 2013 through March, 2014 focusing on putting innovative, interoperable technologies into the hands of warfighters more rapidly, efficiently, and cost effectively.Read More

Retail Reality Check

Booz Allen experts help retailers understand the intersection of innovative technology, data science, and cyber security to get ahead of the changes, the risks, and the competition with a few smart moves.Read More

Transforming Healthcare with Big Data

Booz Allen experts discuss transforming healthcare with Big Data in a July 2014 Health Affairs Article "Creating Value in Health Care Through Big Data: Opportunities and Policy Implications."Read More

Building an Information Sharing and Analysis Center: A Blueprint for Success

Booz Allen created the ISAC Blueprint to outline the common building blocks necessary to create successful information sharing and analysis organizations. Read More

Transforming the Military Health System

“Transforming the Military Health System: Competencies, Checklists, and Questions to Consider” provides Military Health System leaders with guidelines and best practices to quickly and efficiently address their most pressing needs, and put them on the right path to forming the ideal military healthcare system.Read More

Mystery and Mastery

CEO Ralph Shrader explores the Mystery and Mastery of Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt during remarks on May 7th, 2014.Read More

Building the Enterprise

Booz Allen Hamilton and the Partnership for Public Service analyze past reform efforts and the current state of the civil service to lay out the systemic challenges and recommendations that would bring the civil service system into the 21st century.Read More

How Payers Are Managing Complex and Chronic Care

Chronic diseases and the cost of care are rising. Are disease management programs improving outcomes for patients with complex, chronic conditions?Read More

Economic Growth Beyond Oil in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Booz Allen recommendations based on an in-depth study commissioned with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) into challenges of current employment structure and fiscal realities.Read More

Leading Reform

Booz Allen’s Reform agenda brings structure, technical expertise, and inspiration to empower agencies through both big and small Reforms.Read More

IPAWS – Modernizing the Public Alert and Warning System

Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency hire Booz Allen Hamilton to help improve public alert and warning systems.Read More

Reimagining Homeland Security

Booz Allen is helping establish a framework to drive America's homeland security and law enforcement into the future.

Read More

Wolfhound System Tracks Down Enemy Radio Signals

Booz Allen's Wolfhound System is an example of how rapid prototyping can produce a real winner on the battlefield. Military commanders have touted it as one of the most critical programs in theater.Read More

New CXO Report Uncovers Challenges for CSOs

C-Level Data from the 2013 (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study Illustrates Paradoxes In Application Vulnerabilities, Mobile Devices, and Shortage of Qualified Staff.Read More

Platform Modernization: Interactive Viewpoint

A Cost-Effective Strategy for Evolving Mission Requirements.
Read More

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

It is difficult to imagine an agency that will be not be affected by immigration reform, so all agencies need to consider the possible effects of proposed reform provisions and prepare for the transformational change to the nation’s immigration system.

Read More

Unique Device Identifier Study: Adoption and Use Trends for Medical Devices

In order to determine the progress of UDI adoption within the healthcare industry, Booz Allen Hamilton conducted an analysis to examine progress to date by manufacturers, distributors, and providers.Read More

Health IT-Enabled Quality Measurement

The "Health IT-Enabled Quality Measurement: Perspectives, Pathways, and Practical Guidance" report is the culmination of an intensive two-year study funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and conducted jointly with Booz Allen Hamilton.Read More

Resilience in the Cyber Era

Research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton analyzes resilience and the evolving cyber threat.

Read More

Achieving “Unity of Effort” in Cybersecurity

How the Department of Homeland Security Can Strengthen the US Government’s Cyber Partnership with the Private SectorRead More

Enabling Agility in Law Enforcement

It is difficult to imagine an agency that will be not be affected by immigration reform, so all agencies need to consider the possible effects of proposed reform provisions and prepare for the transformational change to the nation’s immigration system.

Read More

Cyber Theft of Corporate Intellectual Property

Research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton analyzes the challenge of securing corporate intellectual property in the face of mounting cyber threats.Read More

Cybersecurity in the Age of Mobility

Research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton analyzes the challenge of cybersecurity in the age of mobility. 

Read More

2013 Global Information Security Workforce Study

The shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals is causing an economic ripple effect across the globe, according to research from the 2013 Global Information Security Workforce Study. Booz Allen partnered with (ISC)² to conduct a study of more than 12,000 information security professionals worldwide.Read More

The Biggest Bang Theory

How to get the most out of the competition for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical talent.
Read More

Marshaling Data For Enterprise Insights

Herndon, VA based Principal Suzanne Storc shares additional insight on the unique challenges that DHS faces when it comes to marshaling data.

Read More

The Path Toward Resiliency

Booz Allen Hamilton can help reinforce “whole community” and “resilience” concepts by promoting mutually agreed upon definitions and developing mechanisms to measure progress toward helping the nation achieve greater resiliency.

Read More

Emerging Risks: How to Win the Cyber-War We're Now Losing

Executive Vice President Mike McConnell addresses cybersecurity risks at the American Bankers Association Insurance Risk Management ForumRead More

Keeping Talent: Strategies for Retaining Valued Federal Employees

A joint study by Booz Allen Hamilton and the Partnership for Public Service, clarifies retention issues and provides guidance for managers and HR professionals about how to keep qualified talent.Read More

Next-Generation Governance

Improving IT governance in federal agencies helps streamline and strengthen decisionmakingRead More

Preparing the People Pipeline

Succession planning helps federal leaders prepare for inevitable staff departuresRead More

Bending the Cost Curve in Military Health

Containing Cost Growth While Ensuring the Highest Standard of Care and ReadinessRead More

Leading for Employee Motivation

New Booz Allen study reveals information leaders can use to motivate employees in the workplace.Read More

Workforce Development

VP Jay Dodd provided panelist remarks on the complementary nature of the workforce At the US Army Women’s Foundation 3rd Annual Army Women in Transition Symposium.Read More

The TrustMarket Project

Creating a Vibrant Marketplace for Online Identity VerificationRead More

Natural Treasures: History Proves Conservation Must Not be Compromised

SVP Peter Trick suggests using a Megacommunity approach to conservation and sustainabilty in the Washington Post's Environmental Leadership special report published April 20th, 2011.Read More

Reimagining The Border

By viewing the border through the lens of the key functions of border management, we can make better use of advanced analytics to improve border management and strengthen the individual missions of each component authority, as well as the overall security of the nation.

Read More

The Cybersecurity Balancing Act

Executive Vice President Mike McConnell discusses the importance of a balanced approach when it comes to addressing cybersecurity.Read More

Cyber Warfare…The New Reality

Remarks by Executive Vice President Richard Wilhelm to the World Affairs Council of the Desert on February 11, 2012.Read More

Increasing Cyber Threats Call for More Innovative Cybersecurity

Eric Cole, a Booz Allen Hamilton Principal, is an industry-recognized security expert with over 20 years of experience in information technology with a focus on perimeter defense, secure network design, vulnerability discovery, penetration testing, and intrusion detection systems.Read More

A Blueprint for a DDOS Attack: How to Operationalize a Dynamic Layered Defense

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Jeff Lunglhofer describes the development of the latest complex DDOS attack and explains the blueprint for a holistic defensive strategy that examines and evaluates every external and internal layer of the network architecture to ensure that all defenses are aligned effectively to combat these attacks.Read More

Making Smart Cuts: Lessons from the 1990s Budget Front

Examining lessons learned from government downsizing in the 1990s, this report serves as a guide for policymakers and agency leaders as they make difficult economic decisions.Read More

Virtual Identity Fuels Anonymous Cyber Economy

Leveraging the anonymity of the Internet, purveyors of alternative and often anonymous payment systems have been establishing trust models and moving money around the world for years, easily circumventing financial services anti-fraud controls. Undermining the critical infrastructure of the global economic system, anonymous payment systems allow criminals and others with malicious intent, political agendas, or a desire to covertly fund their causes without revealing their true real-world identities. Yet, these payment mechanisms remain a poorly understood threat in traditional financial services and law enforcement circles.Read More

TMI: The High Cost of Providing More Information Than is Absolutely Necessary

In order to reap the benefits from the convenience of online transactions, consumers and corporate citizens need to be aware and alert regarding the potential implications of sharing information too much information.Read More

Government and Business Need a New General on the Cyber Battlefield

Intellectual property is being stolen at an increasingly faster pace. These attacks by cyber criminals are not just a costly irritation; they are eroding the very foundation of the United States.  To thwart these attacks, one must embrace a defense which embodies the same aggressive and methodical approach as our cyber adversaries use against us today. And that includes finding the right people to lead a dynamic defense – one designed to continuously evolve as the threats change.Read More

Rigorous Risk Management of Cyber Ecosystems Now Top Priority

In today's information-driven and cyber-reliant business environment, elevating cybersecurity to a business-critical function is essential to protect the high-value targets exposed by this dependency.Read More

To Win the Cyber War We Have to Reinforce the Cloud

Evidence of China’s economically devastating thefts of proprietary technologies and other intellectual property of U.S. companies is growing exponentially.Government and the private sector need to focus on protecting critical infrastructure by realigning their use of the Internet.  We should immediately focus on protecting critical infrastructure – the power grid, financial networks, air traffic control and other transport infrastructure –– by realigning their use of the internet.Read More

China's Cyber Thievery is National Policy, and it Must Be Challenged

Evidence of China’s economically devastating thefts of proprietary technologies and other intellectual property of U.S. companies is growing exponentially.Read More

Global Perspective Required for Enhanced Internet Security

The vulnerabilities inherent in the Internet's Domain Name System need to be addressed if governments and the private sector are to combat the ever-evolving cyber threat landscapeRead More

The Cyber Hub

As governments and businesses strive to remain competitive in a cyber era, the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, set out to understand the importance of cyber power today.Read More

Mitigating BYOD Risks: Enable Secure Productivity Inside and Outside the Office Perimeter

 If in-house hardware and systems and mobile devices and applications do not grant ambitious employees the freedom and flexibility to boost their productivity, they will create workarounds beyond the organization’s visibility and control to get their missions accomplished, adding a dangerous and unnecessary level of risk to the equation. Read More

Why Banks Need to Adopt a Common Cybersecurity Language

Senior Vice President Bill Wansley authors an opinion piece for American Banker urging that the time is now for Wall Street and its regulators to formulate a comprehensive, industrywide approach for measuring, monitoring and communicating cybersecurity threats.Read More

Mobile is Enabled: Now What

Senior-level executives, IT professionals, and business unit leaders must come together to generate ideas on how to best leverage the extensive capabilities of mobile devices in order to facilitate the near-real-time responsiveness and contextual collaboration that have proven to be fundamental to success.Read More

Calculating and Communicating Risk in Business Terms

As Booz Allen Hamilton’s Todd Inskeep explains, corporate security teams do not have the bandwidth, resources, authority or operational influence to exclusively own accountability for enterprise risk management.Read More

Titans of Technology: Why Booz Allen is Different

Remarks delivered by Booz Allen Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ralph W. Shrader during the Northern Virginia Technology Council “Titans of Technology” event on June 13th, 2012.Read More

Testimony: Booz Allen’s Firmwide Commitment to Veterans

Senior Associate Pam Hardy testified in June before a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing on Veterans Employment and Government Contractors, and described the full-range of support Booz Allen provides to veterans and their families to attract, hire and retain them as employees; to support them in business and in community needs; and to provide client services related to veterans’ health and other issues to agencies across the U.S. government.Read More

Rapid Prototyping: Interactive Viewpoint

Our new interactive marketing brief introduces rapid prototyping as an agile system, putting solutions for warfighting and intelligence quickly into the hands of users and operators.Read More

Portfolio Management in the Middle East

Adopting a Mission Integration Framework for Mission SuccessRead More

A Hybrid Approach to Collaborative Risk Management

When lines of business independently choose to deploy new technologies, it is often at the peril of the enterprise at large and escalates the organization’s risk of today’s sophisticated cyber attacks.Read More

Accelerating Commercialization of Cost-Saving Health Technologies

Giving cost-saving health technologies a better chance of making a successful transition to the marketplace. This report highlights opportunities for accelerating the commercialization of cost-saving health technologies.Read More

Discovery is a Team Sport

Speech given by Booz Allen Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ralph W. Shrader in acceptance of ARCS Foundation Eagle award on April 14th, 2012.Read More

The Fire Within

Booz Allen Executive Vice President Mark Gerencser articulates methods graduates can use to ignite their careers with passion and imagination in a commencement address to UMUC on April 14th, 2012.Read More

Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Realizing Big Results

Simply owning or having access to vast volumes of data in the cloud ecosystem is not the true tangible benefit. What’s important is robust analysis of this big data to capture and maximize its value and drive faster and less costly achievement of strategic objectives and mission success.Read More

Next-Generation Enterprise: Harnessing Mobile, Social and Cloud Technologies to Embrace Innovation

The traditional command-and-control IT structure sustains conventional perceptions of standardization, manageability, security and compliance. But user autonomy, faster innovation, ease of deployment and reduced costs are among the enticing features of emergent IT—mobile, social and cloud technologies—that are driving rapid adoption.Read More

Pearl Harbor Offers Lessons for Today's Cyber Security Challenges

We have the information and ability today to prevent a Cyber Pearl Harbor. The question is, will we take steps to avoid it, or will we wait for it to happen?Read More

Why Banks Need to Adopt a Common Cybersecurity Language

Today, with technology outpacing regulation and the banking industry's data and infrastructure constantly under threat of cyberattack, the time is right for Wall Street and its regulators to formulate a comprehensive, industrywide approach for measuring, monitoring and communicating threats.Read More

Cloud Infrastructure: A Critical Component of Outcomes-Based Health Reform

The pay-for-value transformation is driving a rapid transition to cloud-based data systems and robust analytics since integrating a wealth of patient information from multiple institutions and providers enables high-quality, cohesive and preventative healthcare.Read More

Chinese Cyber Espionage: How to Combat the Growing Threat

Vice Chairman Mike McConnell joins Michael Chertoff, former director of homeland security, and Bill Lynn, former deputy secretary of defense, in authoring an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal outlining the threat of Chinese cyber espionage and recommending ways to combat it.Read More

Managing Security Investments in an Era of Cascading Risks

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and their teams in both the government and industry sectors are under increasing pressure to demonstrate problem-solving effectiveness and thereby justify their financial investments.  g information too much information.Read More

The Evolving Dynamics of a Network Breach

Unlike the known threats typically discovered automatically and mitigated by conventional signature-based antivirus and intrusion detection systems, today’s unknown cyber exploits gain pervasive access to critical assets and are increasingly difficult to detect and prevent.  Senior executives at the helm of many of today’s organizations often do not fully grasp nor take serious notice of the potential ramifications of a breach prior to an actual security compromise in their backyards.Read More

DefenseNewsTV: Smart Power

Jon Allen and Cheryl Steele discuss Smart Power with Vago Muradian on This Week in Defense News.Read More

Securing the Future

Lessons learned from the federal management challenges in the aftermath of 9/11.Read More

Managing Traffic Demand with Futuristic Technologies

Balaji Yelchuru develops models to forecast future transportation demand and transportation network performance. He helps clients understand the implications of increased traffic congestion, and develop strategies for managing traffic demand in the years ahead.Read More

Consumer Expectations of Security in the Financial Industry

Results:  July 2011 Zogby Interactive Survey on Consumer Expectations for Banking SecurityRead More

Being Proactive About Aviation Safety

Booz Allen is helping the FAA take a different approach to safe air travel with Safety Management SystemsRead More

CEO Ralph Shrader: Labor Day Television Panel on the Economy

Ralph Shrader joined other Washington area business representatives for a discussion on a Fox News special about the economy, the business environment for small, medium and large businesses; government policies and the outlook for economic improvement.Read More

Counter Illicit Trafficking

Transnational criminal organizations have exploited the openness and connectivity of our world to expand their nefarious behavior. Overcoming these threats requires increased collaboration and coordination.Read More

Megacommunities: Tackling Today's Global Challenges

The book introduces a radically new framework for reaching solutions to today’s thorniest problems.Read More

Capturing the People Advantage

Without a focus on human capital, nothing can change and no strategy can be accomplished.Read More

The Business-Oriented CIO

George Tillmann reveals approach for transforming your IT department from reactive to proactive.Read More

From Stovepipes to Secure Exchanges

An integrated approach to protecting shared federal dataRead More

Miles to Go Before They’re Green

Funding transportation projects based on meeting greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals.Read More

Transforming Learning with Web 2.0 Technologies

The impact and potential of Web 2.0 technologies on workplace learning.Read More

Reimagining the Senior Executive Service

How the government develops, recruits, hires, retains, pays, and trains SES members.Read More

Crisis Responses for Export-Driven Emerging Economies

Exploring the effects of the financial crisis on emerging markets exporters.Read More

Two Compelling Views of Mission Integration

Studies underscore the need for effective mission integration solutions.Read More

Power of Ideas - Aspen Ideas Festival 2008

New lines of thinking and balanced solutions on critical issues.Read More

Health Information Liquidity

Realization of Better, More Efficient Care from the Free Flow of Health Information.Read More

Greening Enterprises: Implementing Sustainability Programs

New methodology helps organizations design, implement high-performing sustainability programs.Read More

Supply Chain “Evils”

Helping organizations protect the public from supply chain evils.Read More

Community Cloud Computing Environments

This report discusses the concepts of cloud computing and security authorization.Read More

Information Security Governance in Cloud Computing

Information security governance framework has implications for the federal government.Read More

Revving Up with Biofuels

As federal agencies, cities and other entities are racing to meet targets for alternative fuels, Booz Allen Hamilton is guiding the way.Read More

Making Judicial Reform Work

Survey reveals a significantly diminished level of confidence in judicial systems worldwide.Read More

Health Privacy Breaches Can Be Prevented

A strategic information program gives organizations far greater control over their data.Read More

Finding the Best Approach To Inventory Optimization

Careful analysis, clear thinking, full integration support streamlined inventory operations.Read More

Making Cars Smarter and People Safer

Ram Kandarpa, a Booz Allen associate, talks about the exciting new technologies that will allow your car to communicate with other cars – and even stop itself to avoid a crash.Read More

Cloud Computing Security

Public cloud computing environments pose information and mission assurance challenges.Read More

IT Security Risk Mitigation

Booz Allen report identifies fundamental virtualization risks and countermeasures to reduce them.Read More

The Economics of Cloud Computing

Addressing the benefits of infrastructure in the cloud.Read More

Strengthening the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce

The federal cybersecurity workforce is challenged by shortages of skilled specialists.Read More

Making Supply Chain Resilience Possible

Organizations often sacrifice supply-chain security for efficiency—but they can have both.Read More

Social Media’s Role in Crisis Communications

Social media tools are being used to improve emergency communications.Read More

Eating Safely: Produce Should Be Good for You

Nationwide safety standards for fruit and vegetables could dramatically reduce food-borne illness.Read More

Breaking the Energy Efficiency Deadlock

Financial incentives hold the key to job creation and energy savings.Read More

Healthy Homecomings for Veterans

Americans returning from war need better efforts to ease their reintegration into society.Read More

Harnessing the Power of Health Information

States and municipalities use technologies in innovative ways to reach vulnerable groups.Read More

Strategic Information Management

Booz Allen study provides insights into the security and business benefits of data classification.Read More

Beneath the Surface: Understanding Attrition at Your Agency and Why it Matters

A joint study by Booz Allen and the Partnership for Public Service reveals what attrition can tell you about the health of your federal agency.Read More

Council on Foreign Relations: Smart Power

Booz Allen sponsored a Corporate Member Executives Roundtable, "Beyond Whole of Government: Public Private Collaboration to Achieve U.S. Foreign Policy Goals" on February 9th 2011.Read More

Risk and Crisis Communications for Government and NGOs

A resource guide for developing and implementing science-based risk communications.Read More

Foreign Affairs: A Special Issue Presented by Booz Allen Hamilton

The Middle East North Africa region is an exciting place for business today as countries that have experienced rapid growth look to further develop their supportive infrastructure and to develop their economies. This special edition of Foreign Affairs, will present thought leadership spanning both MENA-centric and global issues, from health, to finance, to cyber policy, to resource management, to economic development strategies.Read More

On Demand Government: Deploying Flexibilities to Ensure Service Continuity

Joint study urges new attitudes, rigorous testing, and an ambitious goal to integrate telework policies.Read More

H1N1: Strategic Communications

Microtargeting helps reach different audiences with pandemic-related communications.Read More

The Road to Cyberpower

Seizing opportunity while managing risk in the digital ageRead More

Wargaming for Leaders

Experts explore the strategies learned from wargames designed and staged for the U.S. Army, global corporations, and nonprofit groups, revealing how these exercises led to significant decisions and effective competitive advantage.Read More

Organizations Often Neglect Cybersecurity’s “Weakest Links”

Cybersecurity and resilience require a holistic approach that considers all threats.Read More

Building Next-Generation Cybersecurity Solutions

For true security, all dimensions of the computing environment should be considered, says Senior Vice President Patrick Peck.Read More

Booz Allen “Cyber-War” Simulation Gives Leaders Taste of Real Thing

Cyber attack simulation demonstrated the need for a new way of thinking about cyber security that focuses on a megacommunity approach.Read More

Future Use of Unmanned Robotic Warfare Vehicles Raise Issues

New report cites challenges, charts course ahead for developing unmanned and robotic warfare systems.Read More

Cyber 2020: Extending Our Cyber Advantage

The latest technological revolution has created a new cyber domain, where nations compete for cyberpower status and the many economic and social advantages associated with it.Read More

The Three Pillars of Trust

Adopting a new service architecture for trusted transactions with Government on the InternetRead More

Navy Financial Improvement Program

Department of the Navy has established and implemented the Financial Improvement Program (FIP) to support progress toward a successful financial statement audit. Read More

Managing Risk in Global ICT Supply Chains

People and organizations rely on ICT to support critical activities and missions. Lack of visibility and understanding of ICT Supply Chains creates ample opportunities for intentional compromise of the IT components while they are being created, assembled, and delivered throughout the supply chain.Read More

Aviation Week hosts Executive Roundtable in conjunction with DTAR

Representatives from Booz Allen’s Engineering team joined Aviation Week for an editorial roundtable discussion in Arlington, VA in MarchRead More

Government Insights: New Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Government Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper Read More

The Enterprise Integrator

Booz Allen has significant experience working with clients and system developers to provide system-of-systems (SoS) blueprints, roadmaps, and integrations. Booz Allen’s Mission Integration (MI) methodology, supported by a key role, the enterprise integrator, enables the government to drive out inefficiencies and, more important, meet its cross-organizational mission needs.Read More

The Data Lake Technical Article

Unstructured data accounts for much of the explosion in big data today, and is widely seen as holding the most promise for creating new areas of business growth and government efficiency.Read More

Overcoming Deployment Challenges for Financial Crimes Platforms

A reference for optimizing an enterprise view of risk management to reduce exposure, loss, and the likelihood of regulatory action.Read More

The Government’s Effective Migration to a Cloud Computing Environment

Booz Allen is prepared to support all elements of government defense and civilian missions and migration efforts to “the cloud.”Read More

Achieving Cyber Health: Building a Strategy for Successful Healthcare Transformation

Government Health IT, in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, examined how privacy and security play a role in achieving a robust and transformed healthcare system.Read More

The Federal Government's Key Role in Healthcare Innovation

Booz Allen experts outline the key areas in which the government needs to take a significant role in promoting healthcare innovation.Read More

The Social Financial Advisor: A Path Forward

Financial services firms take the right route to using social mediaRead More

The Defense Industry: Under Attack

The Defense Industry: Under Attack, a supplemental article to “Cyber Theft of Corporate Intellectual Property: The Nature of the Threat” a Booz Allen Hamilton briefing paper.Read More

Tradespace Analysis

As budgets continue to tighten, the defense community will need to make difficult program choices, reallocating resources to ensure that it meets both fiscal constraints and operational needs.Read More

Cloud-based Services Interactive PDF

Market-leading ideas that address cloud-based solutions for our clients across government and industryRead More

Operationalizing Smart Power to Meet Today's Government Challenges

Smart Power provides an integrated, collaborative approach to achieve the level of coordination needed to meet today's government challenges.Read More

Learning from Failure in Systems Engineering

The Learning from Failure in Systems Engineering panel that was held in Huntsville, AL on November 8, 2010 to discuss how systems engineers respond to and learn from failure and identify future directions important to the community.Read More

Mission Readiness Overview

Creating Decision-Support Solutions to Address Complex Operational Requirements and Fiscal RealitiesRead More

Meeting the Challenges of the Modern CIO

The CIO must map out carefully its approach from being simply a technical support organization to that of a strategic asset through clear vision and short term strategies with incremental successes.Read More

Resilience in the Cyber Era

A resilient enterprise dynamically innovates and changes its practices, policies, and processes, in response to changing cyber threats from the outside and changing requirements from the inside.Read More

The Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture

Harnessing Big Data to Solve Complex ProblemsRead More

Design for Affordability: Recapitalize to Lower Ownership Costs (Defense News, May 2010)

With the current U.S. Defense Department acquisition system being broken and getting worse, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the senior leadership of the services, have placed new emphasis on reining in the total ownership cost (TOC) of new and existing platforms.Read More

Enabling Cloud Analytics with Data-Level Security

Tapping the Full Value of Big Data and the CloudRead More

Cyber Vision 2020: Asserting Global Leadership in the Cyber Domain

A detailed analysis of four potential scenarios of the Internet in 2020 showing that the United States must develop a strategy that focuses on more than technology to retain its cyberpower status.Read More

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping: The Agile Creation of Solutions for Modern Defense & IntelligenceRead More

Realizing the Promise of Health Information Exchange

Booz Allen discusses the importance and necessity of health information exchange (HIE) in healthcare management.Read More

Delivering on the Promise of Big Data and the Cloud

The Power of the Cloud Analytics Reference ArchitectureRead More

Booz Allen’s Applied Science

Discovery-Based Engineering for Unknown Solutions to Hard ProblemsRead More

The Changing Federal Acquisition Environment

Federal procurements have become more complex with an increased need for manpower, data, coordination and insight to accomplish complex acquisitions effectively and efficiently.Read More

Risk-Taking in a Tentative World

We should not avoid taking risks just because the world suddenly seems more dangerous. On the contrary, says Ralph Shrader, we need to take them more than ever.Read More

Hazard Mitigation Today: Perspectives from Industry Professionals

A comprehensive review and understanding of response policy doctrine is an ongoing priority to ensure efficient and effective response and recovery efforts to national disasters and emergencies.Read More

Dynamic Defense: Building Enterprise-wide Cybersecurity

By linking operational activities with long-term remediation efforts, Dynamic Defense builds cybersecurity that is proactive, dynamic, and continuously adapting to changing threats and risks.Read More

Measuring Resilience

Measuring Resilience and Managing Risk is a supplemental article to “Resilience in the Cyber Era,” developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Booz Allen as part of the Cyber Hub.Read More

3-D Program Management

Program managers must expand their management competencies beyond traditional Technical Management and Acquisition and Program Management to include a third-dimension, Stakeholder Management.Read More

"I Won't Back Down"

A research report in partnership between Booz Allen Hamilton, Harvard University, and the Brookings Institution on complexity and courage in U.S. Federal executive decision making.Read More

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Lessons for Building and Managing a Culture of Performance

Federal leaders can improve performance, reduce costs, and size programs to meet the mission by using our 6 guidelines that don't require investing in new, expensive systems.Read More

Modeling, Simulation, Wargaming and Analysis for Cybersecurity

Booz Allen has decades of experience in planning and executing scenario-based wargames and experiments for the US Government.Read More

Cyber Training: Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Analysts

Strategies and best practices for developing a cyber force that maintains America’s position as a global leader in the information age.Read More

What's Ahead for EHRs: Experts Weigh In

Booz Allen Hamilton partners with the California Healthcare Foundation to interview health industry experts on the evolution of Electronic Health Records.Read More

Cloud Analytics Playbook for the Middle East

An enormous amount of valuable information is out there, waiting to be transformed into differentiating services. Booz Allen Hamilton uses its Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture to build technology infrastructures that can withstand the weight of massive datasets—and deliver the deep insights organizations need to drive innovation.Read More

Integrating IT Service Management Practices into the Defense Acquisition Lifecycle

A multidisciplinary approach that applies ITSM frameworks, such as COBiT, ITIL, as well as Lean Six Sigma, and the Skills Framework for the Information Age, provides a platform for success in IT transformation efforts.Read More

Inside the 'New' Special Operations Forces

To gain perspective on today's special operations forces, it is important to assess the changes they have undergone and what the consequences may be in the years ahead. This article by Booz Allen's Linda Robinson appeared in the July 2009 issue of Proceedings.Read More

The Data Lake View Point

Unstructured data accounts for much of the explosion in big data today, and is widely seen as holding the most promise for creating new areas of business growth and government efficiency.Read More

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Reimagining Government

Unprecendented workforce and budget challenges make now the right time to take bold, decisive action to set government on a more effective and efficient course for delivering mission-critical services.Read More

Most Common Natural Disasters in the U.S.

This infographic shares statistics around the most common natural disasters in the U.S.Read More

Data Lake-based Approaches to Regulatory-Driven Technology Challenges

How a Data Lake Approach Improves Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness in the Extract, Transform, and Load Process for Business and Regulatory PurposesRead More

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Tapping New Sources of Innovation and Ideas Through Crowdsourcing

Because crowdsourcing is an emerging practice, agencies are still learning how to implement it and Booz Allen has identified fundamental guidelines to help agencies fully exploit its capabilities.Read More

Virtualization: A Technique for Securing the Consumerized Organization.

Virtualization, A technique for securing the consumerized organization, a supplemental article to “Cybersecurity in the Age of Mobility,” a Booz Allen Hamilton briefing paper.Read More

Virtual Conferences and Turbo Presentations: Virtual Spaces to Support Knowledge Sharing and Presentation Coaching

Booz Allen can develop and customize virtual conferences and turbo presentation solutions to reduce costs and improve effectiveness of communication and learning strategies.Read More

Massive Data Analytics and the Cloud

Cloud computing offers a very important approach to achieving lasting strategic advantages by rapidly adapting to complex challenges in IT management and data analytics.Read More

Mission Solutions: Mission Integration Infographic

From 2000-2012, the DoD acquired many systems using funds that were readily available. However, sequestration has severely cut budgets. Today, the DoD cannot afford to sustain all of the existing systems nor acquire new systems using traditional methods.Read More

New Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper Read More

NextGen Wargaming and UAS Integration Exploration

Associate William Nix discusses the use of wargaming by NAS stakeholders for analysis and decisionmakingRead More

Megacommunity Simulation to Re-Imagine Infrastructure

In July 2012, Booz Allen Hamilton held a two-day simulation to convene stakeholders across 3 megaregions to Re-Imagine Transportation Infrastructure in 2040.Read More

Overcoming Financial Crimes

Banks of all sizes attempting enterprise-wide or channel-specific deployments encounter several challenges. By optimizing enterprise financial crimes platforms, financial services organizations can enhance the protection and retention of customer relationships.Read More

Enhanced Training for a 21st-Century Military

A convergence of new technologies and advanced learning techniques will help the military meet its growing training requirements, despite budget constraints.Read More

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Seven Leadership Practices for Meeting the Mission Challenge in an Era of Declining Budgets

Booz Allen identified seven common managerial practices used by successful leaders to improve effectiveness and efficiency. These common practices work best when they are understood and applied as part of an Enterprise Effectiveness and Efficiency framework.Read More

Developing a Business Case for Cloud

Calculating Return on Investment for Cloud Solutions Can Yield Surprising ResultsRead More

Greening Enterprises eBook: How to Assess and Develop Your Organization's Drive Towards Sustainability

Introducing a new methodology to help organizations design and implement high-performing sustainability programs.Read More

Cyber Power Index: Key Findings

The Cyber Power Index is a dynamic quantitative and qualitative model created benchmark 19 countries of the Group of 20 (G20) in order to gain a better understanding of factors influencing cyber power globally.Read More

Building a Business Ecosystem for Energy Efficiency: Turning Savings into Value

Building a business ecosystem for Energy Efficiency (EE) through new and innovative partnerships can help realize the true potential of a market that so far has not been able to sustain its growth.Read More

People, Process, Technology Strategy for Enterprise 2.0

Booz Allen defines its approach to Enterprise 2.0 as a use of methodologies and technology to support the needs of an organization’s people and the integration of its processes.Read More

Design for Affordability: A New Class of Submarine

Booz Allen helps major programs reduce costs by up to 30 percent with a ground-breaking Design for Affordability approach.Read More

Effectiveness and Efficiency: Cost-Savings Through Workforce Planning

Tailored workforce planning solutions help agencies organize and assess workforce data, make data-driven decisions, achieve cost savings, and improve operational performance.Read More

Harness the Power, Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network™

Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network™ capabilities bring the promise of Dynamic Defense to life. The Booz Allen Cyber Solutions Network is a virtually connected constellation of centers and labs, each bringing unique cyber tools and expertise to your cyber challenges.Read More

Building a Business Case for the Cloud

Careful Analysis of Transition Costs and Benefits Can Yield Surprising ResultsRead More

The Potential of Big Data Analytics to Transform Decision Making

Booz Allen Hamilton uses its Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture to build technology infrastructures that can withstand the weight of massive data sets - and deliver the deep insights organizations need to drive innovation.Read More

Manufacturing Insights: Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Manufacturing Industry Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White PaperRead More

Acquiring the Right Talent for the Cyber Age

The Need for a Candidate Development Plan.Read More

Empowering the Government's Digital Enterprise

Adopting a Mission Integration Framework for Mission SuccessRead More

Intelligence-Driven Security

Minimize Risk by Mastering the Motivates, Strategies, and Tactics of Your Cyber AdversariesRead More

The Enterprise Integrator Overview

Booz Allen Hamilton’s Mission Integration (MI) methodology, supported by a key role, the enterprise integrator, enables the government to drive out inefficiencies and, more important, meet its cross-organizational mission needs.Read More

Grant Solidarity in Uncertain Times

With increased needs for grant-funded assistance and decreased funds available, agencies must be innovative in managing their federal grants programs.Read More

Infographic: Booz Allen Hamilton’s Methodology for Platform Modernization

Our methodology for Platform Modernization entails four phases, which are applied according to an agency’s requirements for a program or project.Read More

Reaping the "Trust Dividend"

Federal Agencies Can Move Services Online Now with an Identity Button (Like Facebook)—and Save Billions.Read More

Toolkit: Framework for Convening a Community Summit

Booz Allen Hamilton developed a toolkit to share best practices, guidelines, and tools to successfully plan, execute, and sustain momentum for community initiatives in support of veterans, service members, and military families.

Read More

Health Insights: Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Health Industry Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper Read More

Supply Chain Data Standards in Healthcare

Although data standards are not new, they have become an increased priority because without them healthcare organizations experience substantial inaccuracies and inefficiencies in their data.Read More

Financial Insights: Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Financial Industry Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper Read More

Market Trends in Genetic Services

Impacting Clinical Care through Better Prediction, Detection, and Care SelectionRead More

Engaging Mobility in the Oil and Gas Sector

Understanding the impact of consumerization of IT on the oil and gas industryRead More

Energy Insights: Enterprise Security Strategies

Holistic Cyber Risk Management Programs in the Energy Industry Must "Predict and Prevent" in Today's Complex Threat Environment, says new White Paper Read More

Military Health System: Health Care Information Privacy and Security

MHS partnered with Booz Allen to develop an integrated approach to health information privacy and security.Read More

Cloud Analytics Playbook

Booz Allen Hamilton uses its Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture to build technology infrastructures that can withstand the weight of massive data sets - and deliver the deep insights organizations need to drive innovation.Read More

Policy Mapping and Analytics

Using Policy Mapping and Analytics to Understand Complex Policy Envrionments and Improve Decision-MakingRead More

Disaster Preparedness Planning and Exercises

By combining their design skills with a technical understanding and strategic communication capabilities, Booz Allen Hamilton is able to help clients collaborate and bring clarity to complex problems.Read More

Infographic: Mission Readiness, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Methodology for Readiness Decision-Support Solutions

Many military organizations have engaged Booz Allen Hamilton to help them strengthen their readiness analysis and decision-support capabilities.Read More

Building Blocks of Effective Readiness Decision-Support Solutions

Booz Allen’s proven approach to implementing readiness decision-support solutions is helping DoD and the military services strengthen the readiness of our fighting forces and succeed in performing their missions—both today and in the future.Read More

Viewpoint: Mission Readiness, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Methodology for Readiness Decision-Support Solutions

Booz Allen Hamilton is helping military organizations develop and implement readiness solutions that provide the capability to measure, visualize, and analyze how their decisions impact readiness. Such solutions also enable organizations to increase efficiencies which, in turn, minimize risks and costs, and provide analytical rigor to support readiness budgets.Read More

Ascent to the Cloud

Four Focus Areas for a Successful Enterprise MigrationRead More

FEMA Planning and Technical Assistance Support Contract

Booz Allen’s work with PTAS enables FEMA regions and their State partners to accomplish scenario-specific or all hazards plans.Read More

How The Data Lake Works

Booz Allen pioneered the Data Lake—an approach that manages the volume,velocity and variety of data while becoming more powerful through a shift from “schema-on-write” to “schema-on-read."Read More

Limiting health care spending growth through the application of standard pharmacy benefit management (PBM) strategies

Discover how payers have succeeded in limiting healthcare spending growth through the judicious application of standard pharmacy benefit management (PBM) strategiesRead More

4 Weeks to Analytic Wow! The Booz Allen IVADS™ Model

Booz Allen Hamilton is well versed in delivering pragmatic change and a pioneer in developing high impact Data Science programs. Learn to go from woe to WOW in just 4 weeks!Read More

Holistic TPRM Drives Competitive Advantage

Many financial institutions view Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) as a compliance problem to solve as cost-effectively as possible. We see an opportunity to create value and competitive advantage.Read More

Enhanced Due Diligence Dashboard

As criminal enterprises become more technologically savvy, methods for fighting financial crime quickly become outdated. It doesn't take long for them to figure out how to circumvent "the system".Read More

Who says big companies can't innovate?

Who says big companies can't innovate?Read More

Dynamic Engagement Infographic

By leveraging Enterprise Intelligence and human ingenuity, Booz Allen Hamilton helps organizations identify early warning signals and interact with audiences in real-time to reduce risk, increase certainty and capitalize on opportunities.Read More

Rise of the Cyber Megacommunity

Booz Allen Hamilton Commercial Solutions combines industry knowledge and relevant experience with the right people and technologies to reduce risk, improve safety, and increase profitability for your business. Together, we can enable you to thrive— today, tomorrow, and beyond.Read More

The Problem with IoT

While the possibilities certainly abound, smart leaders should take heed. IoT is in the midst of a Technology Hype Cycle. The speed to market and desire to push further will soon reveal cyber security challenges that force companies to reevaluate their approach to IoT or run the risk of substantial losses.Read More

Disruptive Nature of the Data Lake

Schema-on-read and the Data Lake are new approaches to managing big data analyticsRead More

Data Science Maturity: Tapping the Collective Wisdom of Your Data

The step-by-step process through which an organization gradually gains more knowledge about its data to create new opportunities and solve complex problems.Read More

Organizational Network Analysis

Improving Intelligence and Information Sharing Capability among Homeland Security and Emergency Management StakeholdersRead More

A Discussion on the 2013 Cybersecurity Executive Order

An output report that highlights a roundtable discussion on the 2013 Cybersecurity Executive Order.Read More

Utilizing and Visualizing Geolocation Data for Powerful Analysis

This whitepaper addresses integrating geo-location services with the SharePoint platform to provide visualizations based on information housed within a SharePoint system.Read More

Implementing a Pharmaceutical Serialization and Traceability

Booz Allen Hamilton and The Pew Charitable Trusts jointly conducted a qualitative assessment of stakeholder perspectives across the U.S. pharmaceutical distribution supply chain. Read More

The Problem with IoT

While the possibilities certainly abound, smart leaders should take heed. IoT is in the midst of a Technology Hype Cycle. The speed to market and desire to push further will soon reveal cyber security challenges that force companies to reevaluate their approach to IoT or run the risk of substantial losses.Read More