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Designing the MLB Replay Operations Center

MLB Instant Replay Operation Center
All 30 ballparks were equipped with cameras and cables to quickly transmit images to the Replay Operations Center. © 2014 Frank Oudeman


A design, technology, and strategy solution for America's pastime

For the 2014 season, Major League Baseball (MLB) adopted one of the most significant and transformational changes in recent baseball history—the adoption of an instant replay system to review umpire rulings that impact the outcome of games throughout the league. They needed a cutting-edge, secure operations center to ensure the new replay process enhanced, and did not disrupt, the quality of the game.

Booz Allen—based on our love for baseball and our expertise in setting up similar command centers for military, transportation, and intelligence organizations—recognized the importance of the physical layout and the configuration of technologies for the Replay Operations Center. Our team helped MLB manage the successful transition to an effective and efficient replay system in a fast-paced, high profile environment.

Booz Allen builds a cutting edge, secure, effective instant replay operations center in under three months infographic



Building a Secure, Effective Instant Replay Operations Center for America’s Pastime
Major League Baseball needed to develop an instant replay process and operations center that protected the integrity of the game and the overall fan experience. The league needed to quickly build a state-of-the-art operations center with cutting-edge analytics and technology—all before Opening Day.    

A Full-Scale Assessment to Optimize the New Environment
Our team analyzed the center's physical environment, technology, people, and processes. We made a number of recommendations to optimize the center’s design, acoustics, monitor configuration, and overall control room layout. To help MLB implement the center's technological functions, we identified best-in-class voice and video system vendors who design advanced command centers to support military and intelligence operations.

Creatively Applying Old Skills to New Problems
While instant replay in baseball was new for our clients, our team successfully transferred best practices and technologies from across industries and government. In this case, we needed to use data to justify physical layout and technology decisions for the new MLB Center. We identify analogous situations—comparing the MLB center to military command centers—where we have full understanding to efficiently solve parallel challenges.