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What motivates today’s workforce? A report researched by Booz Allen and the Center for Creative Leadership sheds new light on what drives employees to work where they do—and why they stay. “Motivated by the Organization’s Mission or Their Career? Implications for Leaders in Turbulent Times” provides critical insights that can help leaders retain valued employees by identifying three employee orientations affecting individual behavior: Mission focus, career focus, and a perceived lack of career options. Leaders who understand these perspectives are better equipped to motivate their teams—regardless of changing conditions or challenges.

The Leadership Development Challenge

As economic conditions improve and competition for talent increases, leaders confront new obstacles to attracting a skilled workforce—and keeping it in place. Booz Allen is committed to developing creative approaches to help leaders accomplish critical tasks, address leadership succession, retain legacy knowledge, and retain professional staff.


Booz Allen's Solution

The Leadership Challenge Simulation is one tool in Booz Allen’s suite of breakthrough products and services to help clients advance their leadership culture from frontline staff through executive levels. Booz Allen customizes solutions with innovative learning techniques, coaching programs, IT tools, strategic communications, and more.


Our Unique Expertise

To motivate employees and teams—and transform individuals into leaders—Booz Allen leverages our proven expertise in designing comprehensive training and development solutions. We refine each approach by drawing on our insights and knowledge in human capital management, modeling and simulation, strategic communications, and project management.