Booz Allen Hamilton

Defending Against Cyber Espionage

Fighting a rapidly growing threat to economic and national security

Booz Allen leads the way in helping government and business fight a rapidly growing threat to our economy and national security.

America is facing an unprecedented level of cyber espionage by foreign nations, with both potential adversaries and friends aggressively stealing intellectual property to gain an economic and national security advantage over our nation.

Key targets include the information-technology, oil and gas, defense and pharmaceutical industries – but virtually every organization inside and outside government with valuable intellectual property is now likely under state-sponsored cyber attack.

Booz Allen Hamilton – long a pioneer in all areas of cybersecurity – leverages its vast experience across government and business to help clients anticipate and respond to evolving cyber-espionage threats.

Sophisticated Attacks That Exploit Vulnerabilities

Nation-states are becoming increasingly successful at gathering personal information about employees, through social media and other sources, and then using that to trick them into downloading malware into networks. Once inside, attackers are easily – and covertly – stealing guarded secrets about competitive commercial technologies, military weapons systems, and vulnerabilities in our nation’s infrastructure.


Collaboration, Information-Sharing, Education

The public and private sectors need to work more closely together to share information about cyber espionage threats and security breaches, and to collaborate on developing effective defenses. US companies in particular need to better educate themselves about the magnitude of the threat, and respond with measures such as training more workers in cyber skills.


Helping to Develop Cyber Resilience

Booz Allen understands the cyber espionage threat better than anyone in the business. We help commercial and government clients develop a dynamic defense that anticipates and responds to threats as they evolve on a daily and even hourly basis. Our continuing commitment to public cybersecurity education includes our sponsorship of the highly regarded Cyber Power Index, which ranks the G20 countries on their ability to protect their economies from cyber attacks.