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Anticipating Threats with Cyber4Sight™

Anticipating Cyber Threats with Open Source and Human Intelligence Gathering

The barriers for entry into cybercrime are low; all that is needed is malicious intentions, a laptop, and a network connection. In today's world, intuitive hacking tools are freely available on the internet. Industrial scale investment in technological security solutions cannot solve a problem that changes every day, as new attack vectors through new devices, zero day security vulnerabilities, and cyberattack methods emerge simultaneously.

Our adversaries are the only constant in this new reality. Therefore, the protection must include a predictive element, leveraging system collection, and blending with human intelligence, so that we can understand our adversaries and their motivations and ultimately anticipate and respond appropriately to their behaviors before the campaign begins or the attack starts.

Cyber4Sight relies on an extensive suite of proprietary resources to provide human-centric, open-source intelligence and predictive analysis from all parts of the world and at all times of the day.


ThreatBase - Client Access Portal – ThreatBase is Booz Allen's proprietary intelligence analysis repository that is continuously updated 24/7. This system enables clients access to near-real time threat intelligence.

Need for Actionable Threat Intelligence

The exponential growth in cyber attacks has overwhelmed security teams for many organizations. Few organizations have the specialized analytical resources they need to intuitively and reliably determine the intentions, capabilities, and timing of adversaries, and take the necessary preemptive actions to defend the enterprise, reduce risks, and mitigate threats.


Anticipate, Prioritize, and Mitigate Cyber Threats

Cyber4Sight™ arms organizations with the tools and approach they need to anticipate, prioritize, and mitigate emerging threats — and strategically focus financial resources. It helps organizations understand their adversaries, monitor their attack surface and produce actionable intelligence, and respond aggressively to disable threats as they are identified.


Ensuring Interoperability, Integration, Innovation

Booz Allen's security experts help organizations evaluate and prioritize emerging technologies, build secure cyber architectures, and develop standards to ensure interoperability, integration, and innovation. Booz Allen has thousands of cyber professionals nationwide who offer expertise in cyber assurance, engineering, solutions, IT management, and mission assurance.