Booz Allen Hamilton

Ryan Bednar


“At Booz Allen Hamilton, the strategic solutions we’re developing for our biometrics business will increase our clients’ capabilities, helping them to provide support in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Why did you choose Booz Allen?

Before I came to Booz Allen Hamilton, I was supporting biometrics efforts for a government client in West Virginia. Booz Allen offered me the best opportunity to grow professionally in my field, supporting exciting, fast-paced, and mission-critical projects for clients that are operationally minded and focused on national security.

What type of work do you do at Booz Allen?

I am a Science, Engineering, and Technical Assistant (SETA) for a research and development (R&D) component of a federal government client that provides federal, state, and local officials with technology and capabilities to protect the homeland. My client works closely with its different operational components to identify capability gaps and operational needs. I help our client plan, organize, and manage different programs, all related to biometrics.

How has your background/education helped you be successful at Booz Allen?

Biometrics is a key niche within identity management systems. With my biometrics education and background, I’ve successfully networked within the biometrics community. Reaching out and connecting with the right people has helped me tremendously in providing additional resources and subject matter expertise to my client.

Discuss some of your career highlights.

We focus on developing and delivering short-term, high-impact technology transitions for our client. In my role, I shaped and briefed a program idea for our client that would have direct impact to an operational component’s capabilities. By concentrating on quick, transitional research, we helped our client receive funding to start research and development delivery on this program for an agency end user.

What types of technical skills are needed to be successful at Booz Allen?

It’s important to retain and grow a technical skillset—from software development and engineering to printed circuit board design—for project and contract support roles. Interpersonal skills are also vital in working with our clients. You need to be a good listener to understand and summarize the challenges our clients face. We make their mission our mission, and guide them to an effective and enduring solution.

Why is Booz Allen an ideal firm for someone with expertise/skills in your field of work?

As a biometric engineer, I feel at home at Booz Allen, working on solving our clients’ unique mission challenges. We collaborate as part of a fast-paced, innovative team putting agile solutions quickly into the hands of users and operators. As a team member, I’m challenged daily to find a solution and push forward with it quickly and effectively.

What differentiates Booz Allen from other technology companies?

As a firm, we are uniquely placed and able to balance a management consulting focus on client support with the development of integrated, strategic solutions. Booz Allen is committed to client service and helping clients succeed. By providing innovative solutions using rapidly evolving commercial technology in unique ways, we help add to our clients’ capabilities and help solve their mission challenges. It’s about delivering enduring results.

This year’s Annual Report features “Excellence at Work” and recounts the important role we play helping the federal government and commercial enterprises accomplish their most important work—work that protects our nation and drives our society and economy forward. Discuss what you consider “excellence at work.”

As a SETA, I help to focus my client in the successful execution and management of multiple million dollar programs. My understanding of government budgeting and acquisition processes has allowed me to offer valuable and effective consultation to numerous program managers about project direction and execution.

What projects have you had the opportunity to work on at Booz Allen where you have used your technical skills?

In one particular project, my testing and evaluation (T&E) experience and background with mobile biometric devices provided immediate value and support to my client’s own mobile biometric device T&E with state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. I helped shape and organize a number of pilot project plans and equipment with various agency end users using biometrics in wireless cellular communications.

What excites you about your work?

I’m excited to work with bright, driven, and capable individuals who are focused on delivering high quality and meaningful capabilities to help protect our nation from ever-changing threats.